Hello, dear friends. I'm popping up today with a few things I would like to say. First, THANK YOU ALL for your endearing emails + sweet messages. Each and every one of them I have read, and each time I am profoundly moved by your sentiments. Yes, I've been a bit of an international MRS of mystery. So, fret not your internet connection hasn't been hexed by venomous wizardry. Life can be complicated, and when that's the case it can be utterly soul-sucking as a creative. When your job requires you to be inspired and turn out nothing short of brilliance - each attempt results in blank stares and the sounds of crickets. Thus, thwarting even my mightiest of ambitions.

Today, however, I'm going straight NINJA on this vicious, magic-stealing obstacle. I'm unleashing a BUTTERCUP warfare tactic as a ploy proven to be unstoppable. BUTTERCUP is said to be one of PANTONE'S happiest colors. So, I'll be taking daily doses of these HAPPY PILLS to restore my lustre and elevate my status from downer to UPPER!

The active ingredients, also known as: HEX: FBE337, are said to induce incredible hues of saturated happiness. So I'm gonna give this a try and see how it goes. Who knows... it might be just the thing that eliminates all worldly woes!! 

I believe in the power of Pantone ® Buttercup, HEX: FBE337. Afterall, color theory proves that yellow cancels out blue. Whatever the case, the goal is to return to my regular MRS duties but with a more favorable agenda. My intent is to chime in a few times each week with a wide spectrum of poetic pulp with which to regale ya!

Until then, I'll be BUTTERCUP-ing.




MRS_Coastal Living Nov16_cover-01.jpg

I KNOW! I KNOW! Thanksgiving is officially over. But, I'm clutching onto this Coastal Living issue like a carton of ciggies to a closet smoker! It was my sincerest intention to post this amazing spread BEFORE Thanksgiving. However, a sudden loss beckoned us east to be with our family and tend to our hearts in need of fixing. I'm not sure I'll ever understand the ebb + flow of life. Especially when it comes to final goodbyes. But what I do know is that every moment deserves our attention + appreciation. It goes without saying the world lost a woman who was eternally grounded with gratification.  She would have been SO proud of me, tickled pink actually, had she seen my feature. So, I'm bestowing it NOW and by way of her effervescent spirit laden with joie de vivre!


The high holiday season brings about a spirited disposition - and one that usually has me pondering the introduction of a NEW tradition!! In my case, it's usually the location that stirs up my imagination. Tropical vibes loomed large, so I ran with the concept like a crazed toddler dosed up on overstimulation. The end result, as you can clearly see was a fete fit for pure jubilee! With many of the elements plotted and schemed, I went to work on setting the scene. There'd need to be cocktails that would entice and delight. Born was my Pineapple Rickey, a tropical tipple that's downright dynamite!


A vision of mini pineapples danced through my head, I'd turn them into the cocktail's CUPS, hollowed out + de-stemmed. Of course to my surprise + amusement, the market had dwarf pineapples that were perfectly suited! I gathered a gaggle of them, for not even a shred was to be wasted. The tops came off and the meaty middles were blended + macerated. Storing the hollow cups in the freezer until showtime, makes for a genius way to keep the boze chilled + sublime! 

 Just as the shoes make the dress, the SWZZLE makes the DRINK!! Provided by  The ROC Shop

Just as the shoes make the dress, the SWZZLE makes the DRINK!! Provided by The ROC Shop


Floral Design: Open Ended Table Lei, Haku Leis, Ho'okupus by MELEANA

I'm going to cap it off here, because there's just SO much MORE to share! Everything from the FOOD, the FASHION + all the FLARE! So nibble on this + devour every last morsel. The second half of this decadent spread will be filled with MORE juicy details, links, printable recipes... it will be all kinds of resourceful.

Until then....


A Heavy Heart....


Over the weekend our family suffered the loss of a beautiful, loving soul. We are gathering together to grieve, support, and honor her treasured life. Due to the unexpected nature of these circumstances, our family of 5 has left Hawaii for the East Coast.

The promised Coastal Living feature will follow in the coming days.

Thank you for your understanding + Support.

Mrs. Lilien 

Hi-Loha Friends, I'm BACK!!

My sincerest + dearest gratitude goes out to all of you who were relentless with your kindness + selfish with your selflessness. You drenched me with encouragement + radiating positivity which ultimately pushed me through my darkest days + unfathomable negativeness. All of your dear, sweet, dedicated + thoughtful souls will never know the profound impression that you've engraved inside my person. A lifetime isn't enough time to needed to properly thank you, that I know to be certain. I'm a painfully private human. If you've been with me for the last 7+ years this comes as no surprise. If you're just tuning in you can scroll through the tome and recognize. But ultimately we're all here to partake in the magnificence, to indulge, to FANTASIZE.

So I'm bringing back the funhouse built from my MRS LILIEN daydreams. A place where my madcap mind whisks us off to the fantastical, by way of magical moonbeams + kooky extremes. 

I'm decidedly engaged and thoroughly committed to continuing on with my diary of delight. For even in my gloomiest of days, this MRS became my happy place, my escape, my glittering light.

Because of the sappiness and the fact that I have captivated eyes + ears, I'm gonna have a Frank Sinatra moment / à la Jimmy Cliff. I'm gonna light up this b*tch with a personal sunshiny riff.... it's so befitting, it gives me the chills....

Take it away Jimmy.....

"I can see clearly now, the rain is gone / I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind / It's gonna be a bright, bright Sunshiny day. I think I can make it now, the pain is gone / All of the bad feelings have disappeared. Here is the rainbow I've been prayin' for / It's gonna be a bright, bright Sunshiny day."

FINALLY... Without further ado, I proudly present my newly stocked MRS SHOP to you!!!

ALOHA.... again.


Funny.... I just realized I never officially said "ALOHA! I've landed safely." Not that I expected worry to arise, however it translates to a MRS who's checked out + lazy. Either way, I've / WE'VE (my Lilien unit) made contact + are getting our sea legs back. Transitioning from the other side of the international dateline - somehow utterly discombobulates your inner balance + offsets your baseline. Other than that, so far so good. We've settled in with friends for now as we seek out a new HULA HUT in more of a townie hood. The list of to-do's is so overwhelmingly huge. Especially with 3 little ones to tend to after yet another major uproot. This goes with any move a + it's been a while so I refuse to waste time + complain. After all, we are living in paradise + for that alone we are so fortunate it's insane.

As for me.... I'm keeping attendance. I have days where everything seems manageable, others where I can't put together a proper sentence. As a mother, I know that this will most likely be my circumstance; that is until I get my ducklings settled, secure + back to doing their happy dance. 

In my defense (not that it matters) my GUAM Lilien crew bestowed us all a homecoming gift: a scorching flu virus that spread like wildfire which set us all aimlessly adrift. SOOO.... now that we are back, on the mend, setting up temporary camp + running around like wild banshees - my hope is to TURN THIS MOTHER OUT + find my happy cadence on the intoxicating MRS trampoline!

Thank you all who continue to hang around. Stars in my eyes desperately hoping for a successful rebound. In my quieter moments you can ALWAYS find me in my Pinterest corner wildly hoarding away, and also on Instagram if I'm feeling worthy of public display.  

Hang in there with me, I have my magic right here - I'm ready to bring the goods I'm known for, the heavily scoured, the next-level UNREAL. Phoenix rising, I'm loading my caboose with goods worthy of dropped jaws - the same deliverance dripping with secret MRS sauce.

I thank all from the bottom of my MRS heart for your loyalty during my darkest hour. It's your notes, comments, messages + emails that keep me juiced up and empowered. Your words feed my spirit. And, like the saying goes "it takes a village." 

All of you are in my heart / all of you remain my divine inspiration to rise to my MRS occasion.

EXPENSIVE lipstick MRS kisses....





The time has come for me to head back to my other island. I'm sailing across the pacific, back over the international dateline, and I'm very excited. While this time I've had in the South Pacific will always have a soft spot in my MRS heart, I know quite well there are new adventures calling that I cannot wait to start! To the kindest, most genuine-hearted GUAM FAMILY that we've been cared after, my heart truly aches to say goodbye. BUT, being the MRS that I am, that's not in my vocabulary... so I'll see you all SOON on my Island nearby.

So off to the land of Aloha I will float, wish me safe travels upon my MRS SWAN BOAT!




Dive into the ZZZ...

DIVE INTO the zzz-01.jpg

Whilst on the theme of personal struggle + self-care, what better time to illuminate the indulgence of luxe bed linen + appropriate R&R wear. Trust me, everything seems darker + nastier when you're holding court in unsavory resting attire. Even worse, twined up in questionable bed linen resembling those oft associated with those spotted on grinder. I'm not a laze-about, never been a napper. I'm an early to bed, early riser. HOWEVER.... when the deep has it's tight grasp around my neck, I succumb to the reality that I must retreat to my bed. Sure there's a befitting cocktail of five, and other naughtiness to mask the pain. But, in the end the only cure for this aggressive form of attack is to retreat and sedate you rebellious insane. There's never been an occasion that I took such measures and arose darker. Even if it's a self-induced, knock-out nap it's just as healing as visit to the shrinking doctor. If you've never tried this method of self-care, I highly recommend! There's just something about sound mind/body rest that will inevitably push you onto the next step of the mend. I've recently been relying heavily on the self-induced knock-out, and I'll tell you what.... even if I arise feeling as though I've entered another dimension I ALWAYS feel everything is fixable + as a whole I'm less crushed. 

My sacred retreat, my temple of sleep, is an entity that you'll NEVER find me going down with the cheap. Oh, nah-nah.... when it plays such an important role in your complete wellness, you go for what you WANT as opposed for settling for what you need. Sorry, I'm not sorry. My sleep temple treats me like a queen while I steep amidst the melancholy. There's no price to put on that, nor the PSYCH bills, the Whole Foods visits, the gym memberships.... and any other wellness activation! Because lets face it, if WE'RE not well, we bring everyone around us down into our personal hell and without hesitation. Don't argue, I know this to be true. So take my MRS advice and do what I do..... TAKE CARE OF YOU, boo!!

Here is an indulgent list of links to some of the most decadent and necessary resting accoutrements:

BEDDING > Parachute Bedding (ALL OF IT is AMAZING) / School House Electric Grey Dot Sheets / Arro Home Canopy Pillow Cases / Kip & Co Dreamcatcher Bedding / Zara Home Percale Bedding

RESTING ATTIRE> Lunya Hazel Pima Romper / Lunya The Robe / Sleepy Jones Maya Popover / Sleepy Jones Paloma Sleep Shorts / Sleepy Jones Opie Gathered Night Dress

*THIS WORKS / Deep Sleep Pillow Spray



OH boy, HERE we go...

"Is MRS LILIEN gonna get all EMO on us right now...??" I'm sure is what some of you are thinking. Depending on who you are, what your story is, and what you've been drinking... this may be a relatable ditty worth reading.

CLEARLY, I've been on "hiatus". I can promise you it's not because I was off being fabulous + famous. Nor have I been hunkered down under FBI surveillance. Aside from (still) working on the restructuring of MRS LILIEN + The BRAND-AID, and moving from island to island, I've been, well... preoccupied. To be undeniably blunt, my life basically imploded and I've been grappling with the shrapnel that's left me otherwise utterly compromised. Said implosion took place some time ago, but it wasn't until recently that it delivered it's vehement blow. There wasn't a significant moment or new crippling discovery, it simply was just time. The running, island hopping and pre-occupation of daily life no longer kept my dark reality benign. Yes, I therapy-d, continued on with my pharmacon as prescribed. But this time, shit was different + I was NOT fine. 


As a longtime struggler with mental wellness, this is a rather frightening place to exist. I was pissed, I became an unrelenting bitch, I completely checked out... I had officially slipped. All I wanted to do was rebel, punch things with a clenched fist, ignore my circumstances and refuse to submit. I was in the deep, reckless as reckless gets, I was very much aware of everything I was doing but I really didn't give a shit. All I wanted to do was escape, be numb and abscond from all responsibility. Allowing myself to revolt,  and knowingly self-sabotage brought me perfect bliss + tranquility.

SCARY, right?!?!

I know. 

I held onto my silence for dear life, avoided everything and everyone allowing myself to completely self destruct. Anyone that tried to help me was pushed out, the door slammed shut. All of it, as sick and twisted as it sounds felt so GOOD. Self destruction was my new BFF and together, holding hands as a united front, there we stubbornly stood. Never in my life had I taken such a huge and dedicated leap to the dark side. What foreign territory it has been, but such a perfect place to run and hide. Alone, I desperately hoped I could quietly disappear into the land of the forgotten, a safe place no one could ever find. It was, and still (at times) remains my pipe dream of ultimate safety. This my friends is my truth, my honest to goodness, bonafide CRAZY. It makes my shameful heart so incredibly heavy to share my very personal battle on such an open podium. Especially since I'm known to most of you as a ray of delight that beams from a glittering utopia.

Its OKAY-01.jpg

The jarring wake-up calls began flooding my safety compound and were only getting louder and louder. My current state of affairs, the loss of everything I had professionally worked so hard to achieve, my family + my life were hanging by a thread, the realness couldn't have been profounder. It was then that I stopped, looked around and realized the immense mayhem that I had inflicted. I took a huge step back into the shoes of those living in reality and saw through their eyes that I'd shackled myself to ruin and was truly all but diminished.

As a human who's sunk to the darkest, abysmal seas during my entire lifetime, more times than I'd like to recount, this has been one of the most frightening places I've lingered around. I'm known by the select few I choose to keep close as a glittering soul who's wildly resilient. To be a warrior worthy of slaying any beast, no matter how frightening + ominous. However over the the last two years that 'warrior' has diminished into shadows of the lost + anonymous. I have only just recently realized the repercussions of my invisible, gut-wrenching, vacancy. Reality sure comes crashing down when your business account is empty, your assistant quits, your friend passes away and you're dropped by your management agency. There is far more to this saga, however my wise mother always said 'a lady must always keep sacred pain, a mystery.' It is in these 'falling to your hands and knees' moments of agony that life puts on the pressure. The two choices offered are either sink deeper into your frightful abyss or rise like a fuqing golden phoenix.

sit with stillness-01.jpg

The few that are still aboard my mini vessel are those that truly love + support me, and those of course that have no choice. If you're reading this, you know who you are... it is through your unwavering support, love, loyalty + trust in which I thankfully + gratefully rejoice. It is because of you that I am still here. I hold each of you so close, and so very, very dear.

I don't have everything figured out, nor are my broken pieces put all back together. And while I may never know or live in perfect harmony, I know that giving up is not an option. While contemplated many a time, I can admirably admit that I've chosen to RISE. Out of dire hopelessness I created The BRAND-AID, and dug as deep as I could to bring The MRS back to life. YES, both still need work, I have a huge list of things to complete; I'm aware of all the missing links, the glitches and everything in between. Once the site is polished and as perfectly non-perfect as it will be I'll send out that promised MEGA MRS LAUNCH announcement. I know that so many of you signed up to be the first to know when I went live, pardon my pause while I acquaint myself with the task of two, now as a woman of one. 

Now that I've bared my vulnerable soul to all who are still reading, I want you to know that I did this for a very good reason. I needed to acknowledge and reconcile my disappearance publicly BUT more so for myself. While I truly LOATH spotlighting, the self-proclaimed mental wellness advocate in me was dedicated to NOT hiding my fragility by putting it away on a shelf. Instead, I chose to bare my struggle out loud in hopes that my own personal lifelong battle might strike a cord with another struggling soul out there. I'm NOT a mental wellness guru, there are days I can't put one foot in front of the other, these moments are crippling. I have moments where I BEG on hands and knees for mercy, I can only imagine how brutal it must be for the few that think of me let alone stay up at night with worry. For the select few that do, and you know who you are.... please just have faith in me and know that I will rise again like I alway do. 

Lastly, to anyone STILL reading..... let me bring this full circle. When you are in the depths of the YOUR darkest deep + lonely... sit with it, let the tears flow. For it is through these brutal moments that you'll learn more about life than any existentialism college course could ever bestow. There lies such a deep importance of sitting with your stillness, with your agony + your pain. For the stronger we emerge from such heinous darkness, the wiser + better we are at doing life and helping others in  similar situations. No one said it was easy, and even this "MRS" has lived a far less glittering life than what has been portrayed. The glam moments aside, I've lived a life of an unrelentingly punished person. Yet, always buoyant, I pull the safety cord and rise back to the top with my chin up. It's the fighter in me that refuses to succumb to my own failure and disappointment. But, after so many times, it catches up to you and the ability to pull that cord becomes more and more difficult. Through the madness of it all, I've learned the importance of stillness and sitting with defeat. It's in these horrifyingly dark times that my inner flame re-ignites and the hurt of my heart causes the spark in me to revive + reheat. I can't predict the future, and I refuse to live in the past. All I know is what is in front of me is a gift, struggles and all, it's everything I have. 

Good vibes + positive energy welcome. I'm grateful for all of you who've remained enthusiastically here. Fret not, the glitter, light + stardust will continue. This post NEEDED to happen for SO sooooo  many reasons, I'm proud of myself for being so open, honest + public with god knows who.... I needed to this more than I needed air + I thank you for reading this far through. HIGH manicured TENS all around. Let's meet up again on something non-sad, but rather fabby and profound.




Miss Wood: Home Office Tour

Sending happy claps + raised glasses to Cost Plus World Market for providing the fabulous desk (pictured) to accompany Miss Wood's fabulous corner workspace.  

Remember my Oahu Home Tour at the first of the year? Well, we hit up our favorite interior design team at Havenly once more, this time for an office space that you'll wholeheartedly adore!!! It sparkles, gleams + totally rocks - just what I'd want for my San Diego based assistanté! 

Miss Wood and Havenly designer Kylee T worked together for weeks, ever-so-closely. The result, you ask? A productive little corner to conquer each and every task! What we learned in the end is that nothing is impossible, especially with the help of someone interior-ly knowledgable!

Her favorite detail + biggest challenge? Hop, skip + jump over to Glitter Guide for the binge.

Jumbo Clothespin / SpaRoom DiffuserTripod Plant Stand / Ceramic Pot

Now i'll leave Miss Wood to devote her thoughts - helpful ones that I think you'll like A LOT!

"I found it helpful to begin with a foundational piece. For me, it was my desk - a brand new design from Cost Plus World Market's Mix + Match line! Chosen for it's simplicity + clean design, I knew right away it had to be mine!!! We moved through the basics and onto the details, making sure to capture my personal nature - and to my luck, without fail!"

Similar Wall Basket Storage Here / Gunn & Swain Thalia Blanket / Vintage Gold Bell via Bird Yockey / Wary Meyers Lovely Honey Candle / Wooden Pineapple - VINTAGE / Wire Basket / 'Today is a Good Day' Pennant 

So here I stand, waving my longtime assistanté on toward new endeavors with a space ever-so-clever + a ride to forever remember!

Cost Plus World Market Office Desk + Lamp / Walnut + Black Office Chair / Land of Nod Pom Pillow

Hello & Welcome!

Well, Hello again-01.jpg

Umm... hi.

I know... it's been a pretty long time. But, in my defense good design doesn't happen over night. A rebrand + website over haul is quite the undertaking. Especially when the client is YOURSELF the entire project becomes overwhelmingly nauseating. Regardless of the long and toilsome odyssey, I'm em-eff-ing PROUD of this renovation... and ya I'm saying it pompously! 

There are all sorts of new bells and whistles to discover. My hope is that when you find them all you're capacity for delight + excitement blow out and rupture!

I'm not going to blab on and on, because that's just straight annoying. Pour a cocktail, click away... I hope your experience is nothing short of perfectly enjoying!



PS- I sincerely want to thank each and every one of you for your support + patience. Please know that your encouragements were heard + felt, and kept me sane during the renovations.