Femme de la FALL


Who say’s fall’s gotta be drab?! I say let’s seize this season and make it colorfully FAB!! There will be plenty of time to cycle through your blacks, browns, and grays. But just for shits and giggles I’m all for starting a fall color CRAZE!! If you think about it, this lovely time of year is anything but drab. With all the trees donning their party leaves, it’s our cue to follow this fad! Warm yet bright attire (if you look) is in abundance. Therefore I believe it to be a duty and something we owe justice. So make some room in your fall wardrobe for some colorful-cozy looks. And, to keep yourself warm from the inside out, make sure that purse is stocked with spirited goods!

Happy Falling



Madewell Remi Mule / Sophie Hulme Large Swing Bag / Make Beauty Lip & Cheek Stick, Sarah / Pink Stainless Steel Flask / Statement Earrings / Le Specs Rapture Cat-Eye Sunglasses / Solace London, Nora Jeans / Madewell Multi-stripe Scarf

Jumps, Cuffs n' Puffs


Whilst dreaming up one's spring wardrobe, it's easy to run astray. The suns out, the weather is warming up... the mind wants to make wild purchases and PLAY! However, restraint must be tightened - for frightening mishaps can take place should you become italicized / aka: "manically enlightened". And, while I'm on topic, there's nothing I detest MORE than an OVER stuffed closet!! It's really no different than hoarding unnecessary heaps of meaningless gossip. So this spring, stock up SMART! Nail down a few key pieces and interchangeable accessories to keep your kit SHARP! When I think 'spring' my mind sees nothing but JUMPSUITS, and sunny days riding in cars with open windows and hands handing out sunroofs. With warmer weather, comes lots of new options, like open-toed slides featuring feathers and colored pom-poms! And really, all seasons aside, who doesn't love a good statement cuff?! The vault ALWAYS has room for that extra special adornment stuff!

So there you have it, my take on the coming of spring.... re-up your attire simply but not without some statement making huzzahing!

JUMPS > Pink Jumpsuit / Blue Jumpsuit / White Jumpsuit

CUFFS > Circle Rattan Cuff / Blue Resin Cuff / Golden Globe Cuff

PUFFS > Pink Puffs / Blue Puffs / Green Fluffls



The SHOP! The SHOP! It's been totally RE-STOCKED!! Whew... there were some cobwebs up in those parts! However, I've re-upped the joint with fantastical finds that'll win your hearts! With spring upon us I curated the shop to match the sunny season. Winter is over, you need to refresh... so there, that's your reason! Peruse, take trending cues, delight in all the new beautiful hues! Enough of my blabber, go snatch yourself a pair of spring shoes!




Is it just me, or does the idea of taking a much needed hiatus sound too good to be true?! Take it from me, I took some much needed time away and now I feel all vibrant and brand new! As dicey as it may seem, walking away and taking a break - is not only OKAY, it's utterly life changing for Petes sake! Oh sure there's been all kinds of this and that, ups and downs - but there's nothing in the world I'd trade for my time spent 'head out of clouds'. I used to gufaw at the idea of self care - however, once I indulged I realized the importance of playing solitaire! Instead of living outside my reality - I honed in on what really mattered most: me, my family, my sanity, and the concept of normality! While I haven't a clue what the future holds, there's one thing that I have very much missed. That is the void of having a creative outlet... it's a major personal component that must always exist! Whirling and twirling up fantastical daily musings is a drug of choice and something I plan to continue using!

My audacious hiatus has come to an end, I'm back, and thrilled one hundred percent

So, nothing major, nothing earth shattering.... but just to let you know, I'm back in the saddle so prepare for more MRS smatterings!




Hello, dear friends. I'm popping up today with a few things I would like to say. First, THANK YOU ALL for your endearing emails + sweet messages. Each and every one of them I have read, and each time I am profoundly moved by your sentiments. Yes, I've been a bit of an international MRS of mystery. So, fret not your internet connection hasn't been hexed by venomous wizardry. Life can be complicated, and when that's the case it can be utterly soul-sucking as a creative. When your job requires you to be inspired and turn out nothing short of brilliance - each attempt results in blank stares and the sounds of crickets. Thus, thwarting even my mightiest of ambitions.

Today, however, I'm going straight NINJA on this vicious, magic-stealing obstacle. I'm unleashing a BUTTERCUP warfare tactic as a ploy proven to be unstoppable. BUTTERCUP is said to be one of PANTONE'S happiest colors. So, I'll be taking daily doses of these HAPPY PILLS to restore my lustre and elevate my status from downer to UPPER!

The active ingredients, also known as: HEX: FBE337, are said to induce incredible hues of saturated happiness. So I'm gonna give this a try and see how it goes. Who knows... it might be just the thing that eliminates all worldly woes!! 

I believe in the power of Pantone ® Buttercup, HEX: FBE337. Afterall, color theory proves that yellow cancels out blue. Whatever the case, the goal is to return to my regular MRS duties but with a more favorable agenda. My intent is to chime in a few times each week with a wide spectrum of poetic pulp with which to regale ya!

Until then, I'll be BUTTERCUP-ing.




MRS_Coastal Living Nov16_cover-01.jpg

I KNOW! I KNOW! Thanksgiving is officially over. But, I'm clutching onto this Coastal Living issue like a carton of ciggies to a closet smoker! It was my sincerest intention to post this amazing spread BEFORE Thanksgiving. However, a sudden loss beckoned us east to be with our family and tend to our hearts in need of fixing. I'm not sure I'll ever understand the ebb + flow of life. Especially when it comes to final goodbyes. But what I do know is that every moment deserves our attention + appreciation. It goes without saying the world lost a woman who was eternally grounded with gratification.  She would have been SO proud of me, tickled pink actually, had she seen my feature. So, I'm bestowing it NOW and by way of her effervescent spirit laden with joie de vivre!


The high holiday season brings about a spirited disposition - and one that usually has me pondering the introduction of a NEW tradition!! In my case, it's usually the location that stirs up my imagination. Tropical vibes loomed large, so I ran with the concept like a crazed toddler dosed up on overstimulation. The end result, as you can clearly see was a fete fit for pure jubilee! With many of the elements plotted and schemed, I went to work on setting the scene. There'd need to be cocktails that would entice and delight. Born was my Pineapple Rickey, a tropical tipple that's downright dynamite!


A vision of mini pineapples danced through my head, I'd turn them into the cocktail's CUPS, hollowed out + de-stemmed. Of course to my surprise + amusement, the market had dwarf pineapples that were perfectly suited! I gathered a gaggle of them, for not even a shred was to be wasted. The tops came off and the meaty middles were blended + macerated. Storing the hollow cups in the freezer until showtime, makes for a genius way to keep the boze chilled + sublime! 

Just as the shoes make the dress, the SWZZLE makes the DRINK!! Provided by  The ROC Shop

Just as the shoes make the dress, the SWZZLE makes the DRINK!! Provided by The ROC Shop


Floral Design: Open Ended Table Lei, Haku Leis, Ho'okupus by MELEANA

I'm going to cap it off here, because there's just SO much MORE to share! Everything from the FOOD, the FASHION + all the FLARE! So nibble on this + devour every last morsel. The second half of this decadent spread will be filled with MORE juicy details, links, printable recipes... it will be all kinds of resourceful.

Until then....


Hi-Loha Friends, I'm BACK!!

My sincerest + dearest gratitude goes out to all of you who were relentless with your kindness + selfish with your selflessness. You drenched me with encouragement + radiating positivity which ultimately pushed me through my darkest days + unfathomable negativeness. All of your dear, sweet, dedicated + thoughtful souls will never know the profound impression that you've engraved inside my person. A lifetime isn't enough time to needed to properly thank you, that I know to be certain. I'm a painfully private human. If you've been with me for the last 7+ years this comes as no surprise. If you're just tuning in you can scroll through the tome and recognize. But ultimately we're all here to partake in the magnificence, to indulge, to FANTASIZE.

So I'm bringing back the funhouse built from my MRS LILIEN daydreams. A place where my madcap mind whisks us off to the fantastical, by way of magical moonbeams + kooky extremes. 

I'm decidedly engaged and thoroughly committed to continuing on with my diary of delight. For even in my gloomiest of days, this MRS became my happy place, my escape, my glittering light.

Because of the sappiness and the fact that I have captivated eyes + ears, I'm gonna have a Frank Sinatra moment / à la Jimmy Cliff. I'm gonna light up this b*tch with a personal sunshiny riff.... it's so befitting, it gives me the chills....

Take it away Jimmy.....

"I can see clearly now, the rain is gone / I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind / It's gonna be a bright, bright Sunshiny day. I think I can make it now, the pain is gone / All of the bad feelings have disappeared. Here is the rainbow I've been prayin' for / It's gonna be a bright, bright Sunshiny day."

FINALLY... Without further ado, I proudly present my newly stocked MRS SHOP to you!!!

ALOHA.... again.


Funny.... I just realized I never officially said "ALOHA! I've landed safely." Not that I expected worry to arise, however it translates to a MRS who's checked out + lazy. Either way, I've / WE'VE (my Lilien unit) made contact + are getting our sea legs back. Transitioning from the other side of the international dateline - somehow utterly discombobulates your inner balance + offsets your baseline. Other than that, so far so good. We've settled in with friends for now as we seek out a new HULA HUT in more of a townie hood. The list of to-do's is so overwhelmingly huge. Especially with 3 little ones to tend to after yet another major uproot. This goes with any move a + it's been a while so I refuse to waste time + complain. After all, we are living in paradise + for that alone we are so fortunate it's insane.

As for me.... I'm keeping attendance. I have days where everything seems manageable, others where I can't put together a proper sentence. As a mother, I know that this will most likely be my circumstance; that is until I get my ducklings settled, secure + back to doing their happy dance. 

In my defense (not that it matters) my GUAM Lilien crew bestowed us all a homecoming gift: a scorching flu virus that spread like wildfire which set us all aimlessly adrift. SOOO.... now that we are back, on the mend, setting up temporary camp + running around like wild banshees - my hope is to TURN THIS MOTHER OUT + find my happy cadence on the intoxicating MRS trampoline!

Thank you all who continue to hang around. Stars in my eyes desperately hoping for a successful rebound. In my quieter moments you can ALWAYS find me in my Pinterest corner wildly hoarding away, and also on Instagram if I'm feeling worthy of public display.  

Hang in there with me, I have my magic right here - I'm ready to bring the goods I'm known for, the heavily scoured, the next-level UNREAL. Phoenix rising, I'm loading my caboose with goods worthy of dropped jaws - the same deliverance dripping with secret MRS sauce.

I thank all from the bottom of my MRS heart for your loyalty during my darkest hour. It's your notes, comments, messages + emails that keep me juiced up and empowered. Your words feed my spirit. And, like the saying goes "it takes a village." 

All of you are in my heart / all of you remain my divine inspiration to rise to my MRS occasion.

EXPENSIVE lipstick MRS kisses....





The time has come for me to head back to my other island. I'm sailing across the pacific, back over the international dateline, and I'm very excited. While this time I've had in the South Pacific will always have a soft spot in my MRS heart, I know quite well there are new adventures calling that I cannot wait to start! To the kindest, most genuine-hearted GUAM FAMILY that we've been cared after, my heart truly aches to say goodbye. BUT, being the MRS that I am, that's not in my vocabulary... so I'll see you all SOON on my Island nearby.

So off to the land of Aloha I will float, wish me safe travels upon my MRS SWAN BOAT!