Dive into the ZZZ...

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Whilst on the theme of personal struggle + self-care, what better time to illuminate the indulgence of luxe bed linen + appropriate R&R wear. Trust me, everything seems darker + nastier when you're holding court in unsavory resting attire. Even worse, twined up in questionable bed linen resembling those oft associated with those spotted on grinder. I'm not a laze-about, never been a napper. I'm an early to bed, early riser. HOWEVER.... when the deep has it's tight grasp around my neck, I succumb to the reality that I must retreat to my bed. Sure there's a befitting cocktail of five, and other naughtiness to mask the pain. But, in the end the only cure for this aggressive form of attack is to retreat and sedate you rebellious insane. There's never been an occasion that I took such measures and arose darker. Even if it's a self-induced, knock-out nap it's just as healing as visit to the shrinking doctor. If you've never tried this method of self-care, I highly recommend! There's just something about sound mind/body rest that will inevitably push you onto the next step of the mend. I've recently been relying heavily on the self-induced knock-out, and I'll tell you what.... even if I arise feeling as though I've entered another dimension I ALWAYS feel everything is fixable + as a whole I'm less crushed. 

My sacred retreat, my temple of sleep, is an entity that you'll NEVER find me going down with the cheap. Oh, nah-nah.... when it plays such an important role in your complete wellness, you go for what you WANT as opposed for settling for what you need. Sorry, I'm not sorry. My sleep temple treats me like a queen while I steep amidst the melancholy. There's no price to put on that, nor the PSYCH bills, the Whole Foods visits, the gym memberships.... and any other wellness activation! Because lets face it, if WE'RE not well, we bring everyone around us down into our personal hell and without hesitation. Don't argue, I know this to be true. So take my MRS advice and do what I do..... TAKE CARE OF YOU, boo!!

Here is an indulgent list of links to some of the most decadent and necessary resting accoutrements:

BEDDING > Parachute Bedding (ALL OF IT is AMAZING) / School House Electric Grey Dot Sheets / Arro Home Canopy Pillow Cases / Kip & Co Dreamcatcher Bedding / Zara Home Percale Bedding

RESTING ATTIRE> Lunya Hazel Pima Romper / Lunya The Robe / Sleepy Jones Maya Popover / Sleepy Jones Paloma Sleep Shorts / Sleepy Jones Opie Gathered Night Dress

*THIS WORKS / Deep Sleep Pillow Spray