Hello, dear friends. I'm popping up today with a few things I would like to say. First, THANK YOU ALL for your endearing emails + sweet messages. Each and every one of them I have read, and each time I am profoundly moved by your sentiments. Yes, I've been a bit of an international MRS of mystery. So, fret not your internet connection hasn't been hexed by venomous wizardry. Life can be complicated, and when that's the case it can be utterly soul-sucking as a creative. When your job requires you to be inspired and turn out nothing short of brilliance - each attempt results in blank stares and the sounds of crickets. Thus, thwarting even my mightiest of ambitions.

Today, however, I'm going straight NINJA on this vicious, magic-stealing obstacle. I'm unleashing a BUTTERCUP warfare tactic as a ploy proven to be unstoppable. BUTTERCUP is said to be one of PANTONE'S happiest colors. So, I'll be taking daily doses of these HAPPY PILLS to restore my lustre and elevate my status from downer to UPPER!

The active ingredients, also known as: HEX: FBE337, are said to induce incredible hues of saturated happiness. So I'm gonna give this a try and see how it goes. Who knows... it might be just the thing that eliminates all worldly woes!! 

I believe in the power of Pantone ® Buttercup, HEX: FBE337. Afterall, color theory proves that yellow cancels out blue. Whatever the case, the goal is to return to my regular MRS duties but with a more favorable agenda. My intent is to chime in a few times each week with a wide spectrum of poetic pulp with which to regale ya!

Until then, I'll be BUTTERCUP-ing.