Femme de la FALL


Who say’s fall’s gotta be drab?! I say let’s seize this season and make it colorfully FAB!! There will be plenty of time to cycle through your blacks, browns, and grays. But just for shits and giggles I’m all for starting a fall color CRAZE!! If you think about it, this lovely time of year is anything but drab. With all the trees donning their party leaves, it’s our cue to follow this fad! Warm yet bright attire (if you look) is in abundance. Therefore I believe it to be a duty and something we owe justice. So make some room in your fall wardrobe for some colorful-cozy looks. And, to keep yourself warm from the inside out, make sure that purse is stocked with spirited goods!

Happy Falling



Madewell Remi Mule / Sophie Hulme Large Swing Bag / Make Beauty Lip & Cheek Stick, Sarah / Pink Stainless Steel Flask / Statement Earrings / Le Specs Rapture Cat-Eye Sunglasses / Solace London, Nora Jeans / Madewell Multi-stripe Scarf