Is it just me, or does the idea of taking a much needed hiatus sound too good to be true?! Take it from me, I took some much needed time away and now I feel all vibrant and brand new! As dicey as it may seem, walking away and taking a break - is not only OKAY, it's utterly life changing for Petes sake! Oh sure there's been all kinds of this and that, ups and downs - but there's nothing in the world I'd trade for my time spent 'head out of clouds'. I used to gufaw at the idea of self care - however, once I indulged I realized the importance of playing solitaire! Instead of living outside my reality - I honed in on what really mattered most: me, my family, my sanity, and the concept of normality! While I haven't a clue what the future holds, there's one thing that I have very much missed. That is the void of having a creative outlet... it's a major personal component that must always exist! Whirling and twirling up fantastical daily musings is a drug of choice and something I plan to continue using!

My audacious hiatus has come to an end, I'm back, and thrilled one hundred percent

So, nothing major, nothing earth shattering.... but just to let you know, I'm back in the saddle so prepare for more MRS smatterings!