Over the Break...


However long I've been gone, I surely cannot measure. Regardless I must say that my absence was quite the endeavor. Now, don't get all excited there was no BASE-jumping involved. Nonetheless a kind of 'bigger picture' evolved. (no, I didn't join a cult.) It's rather strange now to comprehend, but I stopped worshiping at the alter of the computer screen and started doing life FULL SEND! (phrase credit: Laird Lilien) 


As with light vs dark and fire vs water, there were both good times, and not so good times. When them times were light, I'd glow like stars in the night. When things went dark... well, I ensconced  myself in New Zealand's loveliest white wine. Not to worry, I'm not going all haiku on you - regardless, it's impossible to reach zen-like enlightenment by way of the wine flu. Those who can relate understand the brutality. The uncertainty of the swinging pendulum is a vicious reality. It's only when you catch on to the rhythmic patterning - that you can supplement the cycling with some intuitive gerrymandering.

What in Sam Hill does that mean?!?!? Well, naturally you go back to square one and start a rigorous routine!


And WHY NOT?? It's the sane, instinctual thing to do! Problem is, if you're unaware and unprepared, said plan will just further misconstrue. We're all guilty of it.... the short lived 'new year's resolutions' gone to pot. This step is inevitable, and everyone is vulnerable to the bait... just know it's not an iron clad plot. While not one of these ideas is unworthy, failing at your plan whilst in a funk (even with the best intentions) will have you on your knees crying "MERCY!" 

*But, just in case you were insanely curious, I'm addicted to Pure Barre and I worship at the alter of this book, by Mara Gleason.


Fret not! There is always an alternate route that penetrates deeper. Transcendental meditation, can be wildly effective but it's spicy price tag may send you looking for something cheaper. I've found talk therapy to be positively instrumental. "Alexa, I need guidance..." can really go a long way, and (bless her heart) she's totally nonjudgmental. And, there really is something to be said about being good to yourself from the inside out. I am digging these green tablet things... they are definitely worth checking out!


There is POWER in BINGE WATCHING something that deeply resonates within. Alongside my 10 year old daughter, we hysterically hissed our way through Portlandia... FOR THE WIN!! As a 7th generation Oregonian, I have the rights to not only watch the series, but also to delight in it's indulgent, naughty humor! Turning your brain and your thoughts off (using any medium) is insanely therapeutic... take it from this tried and true Portlandia viewer!

Due to the various activities, attempts, epic fails, highlights and lowlights.... my experiences will be woven into the mix from time to time. Otherwise, this single post will send me back to teetering on the borderline. 

Now, because it's FRIDAY, I'll leave you with these snippets from a little concert my daughter and I went to 2 weeks ago... LORDE (!!!!) my may or may not be familiar with her body of work... regardless, here you go>