Jumps, Cuffs n' Puffs


Whilst dreaming up one's spring wardrobe, it's easy to run astray. The suns out, the weather is warming up... the mind wants to make wild purchases and PLAY! However, restraint must be tightened - for frightening mishaps can take place should you become italicized / aka: "manically enlightened". And, while I'm on topic, there's nothing I detest MORE than an OVER stuffed closet!! It's really no different than hoarding unnecessary heaps of meaningless gossip. So this spring, stock up SMART! Nail down a few key pieces and interchangeable accessories to keep your kit SHARP! When I think 'spring' my mind sees nothing but JUMPSUITS, and sunny days riding in cars with open windows and hands handing out sunroofs. With warmer weather, comes lots of new options, like open-toed slides featuring feathers and colored pom-poms! And really, all seasons aside, who doesn't love a good statement cuff?! The vault ALWAYS has room for that extra special adornment stuff!

So there you have it, my take on the coming of spring.... re-up your attire simply but not without some statement making huzzahing!

JUMPS > Pink Jumpsuit / Blue Jumpsuit / White Jumpsuit

CUFFS > Circle Rattan Cuff / Blue Resin Cuff / Golden Globe Cuff

PUFFS > Pink Puffs / Blue Puffs / Green Fluffls