My MRS Tropical Hale on FULL Display

VIVA LA FOYER:  Gray Malin Skinny Dip framed print, loom decor throw pillows, jonathan adler claude gossip bench set.

THE CHOW HALL: Lex Mod 54” Lippa Table, Gray Malin Welcome to the Parker, Loom Decor Color Block Drapes (Ivory + Coral), Dot and Bo Sphere pendant in gold.

THE HOSTESS'S CORNER: Benjamin Moore Hot Spice Paint, Target Threshold Gilded Lamp, Lisa GoLightly Ringing Pool Boy Bell, Jonathan Adler Vice Jars, Dot + Bo Kailua Pineapple Jar, Anthropologie Flamingo Bust, Woolly Pocket Wall Planter,  Getty Images, Slim Aarons: Poolside Glamour

THE LIVING ROOM: Interior Define Sloan Sofa (sand), Dot & Bo Yellow Chairs, Haiku Ceiling Fans, CB2 Vega Light, West Elm White Penelope Side Tables, Home Decorators Gold Starburst Book Topper, West Elm Martini (Coffee) Tables, Loom Decor throw pillows, Serena + Lily Moroccan Pouf

Coffee Table BooksThe Swan Gondola by Timothy Shaffert, A Colorful Home by Susan Hable, All in Good Taste - Kate Spade New York, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, Mrs. Lilien Cocktail Swatchbook by Kelley Lilien

Lilien West Elm Media Console, Zestt Finley Rug (Persimmon), Dot + Bo Diamond Vase, Sitting FOO Dogs

THE OFFICE: CB2 Tesso Desk, Serena & Lily Hanging Rattan Chair, Jonathan Adler chair pillow, Easy Tiger 'Hello' Print, Getty Images, Slim Aarons Poolside Party Print, One Kings Lane Worry Beads, Andy Warhol Lips Print, Newgate Bubble Clock, Animal Print Shop Flamingo #3 Print, Apple 27" iMac, Jill Rosenwald Starburst Rug

What started nearly one year ago, finally came to fruition. Of course it took much longer than originally planned thanks to my tropical island transition. Regardless the timing, I couldn't have been happier with my amazing HAVENLY partnership! And, I'm pretty sure it shows in my pride-laden showmanship! Since my Hula Hut's debut on The Glitter Guide, Gray Malin and also on Domaine - zillions of queries rushed in about where all of these fabulous goodies came! So I've done my very best to break down each explosive nook and cranny - so you can check out my finds, from the bright and bold, to the unexpected and classy. Should I have left something out, please don't hesitate to knock - I'll do my best to hunt it down for you like a MRS Sherlock! 

And, if you're wondering 'why on earth would MRS LILIEN ever need help decorating her manse?!' The answer is quite simple, I know what I like, what I'm drawn to and what I love, BUT putting it all together requires a little a skill that I haven't much of. Working with Shelby + Cori Sue from HAVENLY was a dream come true! The got my vision immediately, and pulled it all off alongside their fabulous + stealth Havenly crew. So, should you find yourself in a bit of a deco-jam, enlist the help of HAVENLY, tell them The MRS sent you, and in no time you're space will be all kinds of gorge + glam!

Your Welcome, 



Design: Shelby Girard of Havenly / All Photography: Annie Groves / Photo Styling: N2Designs


Mister Malin / In The House

Gone are the days that the name Gray Malin stir mystery - for his rise to Photog-extradordinaire happened rather swiftly! His razor sharp, playful eye and relentless pursuit of capturing bewildering whimsy - are the honed skills one would typically expect from a majestic gypsy! When his High PhotoShip released his WELCOME TO THE PARKER collection - I basically departed, then came back via divine resurrection! I recall sending ferocious and rapid texts to MRS. LEE knowing they shared a lovely friendship - demanding that she connect me at once (!!!) with his High PhotoShip! When this MRS unleashes her steadfast determination - all hell breaks loose, her social graces plummet to eternal damnation! From that moment on, it's really all a blur - and then one day these two remarkable prints arrived beautifully framed, and complete with his High PhotoShip's signature!! The rest...? Well, you can read more HERE - I'm heaving heaps of my MRS inspiration, loves + crazy ramble for YOU, my dearest of dears!

A Tropical Thanksgiving

Our first Thanksgiving away from our extended Lilien family will be a bit different this year. While long standing traditions are comfortable, mixing things up can bring an extra dose of lighthearted cheer. While we'll be guests instead of hosts for the first time in a decade; I thought the idea of a Tropical Thanksgiving would be what I would have made! Everyone in Aloha attire, and mu'u mu'u's for the ladies; POG flowing freely + bottomless Mai Tais to bring on the holiday 'crazies'! A glistening Pineapple Glazed Turkey alongside Tropical stuffing - is something I'm pretty sure we'd all be loving! Thanksgiving in Hawaii will bring about new traditions with a twist - merriment will be had I have no doubt, but there'll be a sore spot for those that we miss. (Uncle Matt, Auntie Laura, Uncle Chris, Brian, Hannah... we must FaceTime!)

Your Thanksgiving Table

Once upon a Holiday, there lived TWO great tables...each one set particularly for those whom we are most grateful. Often times we set a table based on whom it is we are housing - be it friends, family or foe you're guaranteed a pretty crowded home outing. Cut yourself some slack, let me lift off some weight, for in MY MRS WORLD ambiance is just as important as the dinner on my plate. So go on, get clicking!!! What's a T-day table guide without the most fabulous of pickings?!



The Classic Table

Thankful Plate x Crate + Barrel / 15 oz. Metallic Highballs x Houzz / 'Darling' Napkin Ring x WOM / Turkey Board x Crate + Barrel / Silver Bottle Opener x WOM / 

The Quirky Table

Party Picks x Amazon / Pineapple Table Piece x Katie Kime / Paley Placemat x Katie Kime / 'Done Like Dinner' Plates (set of 4) x BRIKA / Cocktail Napkins x WOM / (similar: Manners Napkins x Houzz) / Das Horn Drinking Vessel x Brit + Co

First Time (Thanksgiving) Hostess

Truth be told, hosting T-Day is no walk in the park and is quite the mission for one to embark. But don't let doubtful rumours dwindle your burning flame - take it from this veteran entertaining MRS, for I have no shame. I'm reaching out early so your time is aplenty! Beware: prepping, planning + devising is the heftiest portion and will likely set your month in a full-on frenzy! But enjoy each detail + pour your heart into it 'cuz nothing is better than a room full of people diggin' your sh*t! Even better, it's likely they'll reminisce for years to come - and remember m'dear that is something you gone n' done!!!!


P.S. I came across this insightful article and am ever so excited to share with you! It serves as a seriously spectacular guide for those taking the throne this Thanksgiving for the very first time! It talks detail delegation, planning process + even offers some emotional encouragement. 

Kikkerland 'Leg-Up' Turkey Timer Amazon / Small Talk Table Runner Kate Spade New York / Frank $5 Dinner Plate CB2  / 'First Come, First Served' Salad Bowl KSNY / Trophy Dish Waiting On Martha / Turkey Lifters Crate & Barrel / Vintage 60-minute Timer (similar) Amazon / Pete the Penguin Cocktail Shaker Amazon / Fun Signage for the Kitchen Waiting On Martha / Platinum Spreaders Waiting On Martha / Mrs. Lilien Dessert Cocktail Swatchbook Amazon / Punch Bowl with Ladle CB2 

Reclaimed Wall Art

Today's MRS lesson is one for us all... an eco-friendly method of dressing our walls! After gifted a lovely LUSH package I couldn't bare the thought of trashing the box's tropicana paper jacket. I "hmmmm'ed" and I nodded, I inquired + I plotted. Moments later, like a blinding gem, the answer sparkled + shined within vision. On the WALLS is where it belongs! Traced, cut, framed + hung - in a space like this you just cannot go wrong! Happy planet, happy walls, happy paper, happy YOU! SEE... everybody wins through + through.

Happy Crafting!



Elevated Scents

When it comes to fragrance - I say make a STATEMENT. Elevate your every limb with something vivacious. Ye need not many... two or three will do! One for the day, one for the night + one therapeutically magical for when you're not quite feeling right! The above three scents are my of-the-moment obsessions, each and every one of them make a positively enlightening bottle to skin impression.

As for the home...every space needs it's own unique essence and i'm utterly obsessed that I can give a room down the hall a taste of the kitchen!!! PRODUCE CANDLES?! I mean, can you really even handle? My mouth is watering at the's utterly substantial!

P.S. Every pick above is SAFE, SAFE, SAFE. No nasty chemicals that are purposely underplayed. 

Olivine Atelier Gigi Vegan Perfume Oil X Mermaid Perfume Orange Blossom Perfume X Soul Sunday 'No Worries' Aromatherapy Roller X Produce Candles (Melon, Cilantro, Kale)


Stylish Storage Remedies

The more life you've built, it's likely, the more "things" you have. Whether furniture, home decor or kids' projects from the past. There's no better way to keep things neat + clean than a purposefully pondered storage system to keep each room high, mighty and totally pristine. 


Another thing I've learned is swapping normal for grand - trade in your plastic wastebin for a shiny, gold trashcan. It'll make you much less hasty + more graceful in pursuit, because filthy-ing up gold is like spitting on precious loot. 

Be gone, bits + bobs - thrown around, no more. You now reside in fine acrylic or a fancy spade, all the more. And all those important papers that never seem to surface, come out from the cracks and crevices + live out your intended purpose! Separated, shoved and folded never seems to work - we must send you, quick and steadily, to your inanimate, roll-away clerk.



Whatever mess it may be - there is always a solution. Messy places and spaces are the Gods of bad-juju pollution!




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Guide to Home-Planting

Plants, Plants, the magical things - the more you have, the more joy it brings!!! MY happiest of spaces boast greens from the highest ceilings to the lowest bases. Swap a dreadful dark space with some light, air + life - the most sensational of ways to bring life inside! Right now I'm hooked on living walls (like the one below). Not only do they decorate but they uplift and enthrall! 

Above images sourced from Design Milk and Decoist