My MRS Tropical Hale on FULL Display

VIVA LA FOYER:  Gray Malin Skinny Dip framed print, loom decor throw pillows, jonathan adler claude gossip bench set.

THE CHOW HALL: Lex Mod 54” Lippa Table, Gray Malin Welcome to the Parker, Loom Decor Color Block Drapes (Ivory + Coral), Dot and Bo Sphere pendant in gold.

THE HOSTESS'S CORNER: Benjamin Moore Hot Spice Paint, Target Threshold Gilded Lamp, Lisa GoLightly Ringing Pool Boy Bell, Jonathan Adler Vice Jars, Dot + Bo Kailua Pineapple Jar, Anthropologie Flamingo Bust, Woolly Pocket Wall Planter,  Getty Images, Slim Aarons: Poolside Glamour

THE LIVING ROOM: Interior Define Sloan Sofa (sand), Dot & Bo Yellow Chairs, Haiku Ceiling Fans, CB2 Vega Light, West Elm White Penelope Side Tables, Home Decorators Gold Starburst Book Topper, West Elm Martini (Coffee) Tables, Loom Decor throw pillows, Serena + Lily Moroccan Pouf

Coffee Table BooksThe Swan Gondola by Timothy Shaffert, A Colorful Home by Susan Hable, All in Good Taste - Kate Spade New York, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, Mrs. Lilien Cocktail Swatchbook by Kelley Lilien

Lilien West Elm Media Console, Zestt Finley Rug (Persimmon), Dot + Bo Diamond Vase, Sitting FOO Dogs

THE OFFICE: CB2 Tesso Desk, Serena & Lily Hanging Rattan Chair, Jonathan Adler chair pillow, Easy Tiger 'Hello' Print, Getty Images, Slim Aarons Poolside Party Print, One Kings Lane Worry Beads, Andy Warhol Lips Print, Newgate Bubble Clock, Animal Print Shop Flamingo #3 Print, Apple 27" iMac, Jill Rosenwald Starburst Rug

What started nearly one year ago, finally came to fruition. Of course it took much longer than originally planned thanks to my tropical island transition. Regardless the timing, I couldn't have been happier with my amazing HAVENLY partnership! And, I'm pretty sure it shows in my pride-laden showmanship! Since my Hula Hut's debut on The Glitter Guide, Gray Malin and also on Domaine - zillions of queries rushed in about where all of these fabulous goodies came! So I've done my very best to break down each explosive nook and cranny - so you can check out my finds, from the bright and bold, to the unexpected and classy. Should I have left something out, please don't hesitate to knock - I'll do my best to hunt it down for you like a MRS Sherlock! 

And, if you're wondering 'why on earth would MRS LILIEN ever need help decorating her manse?!' The answer is quite simple, I know what I like, what I'm drawn to and what I love, BUT putting it all together requires a little a skill that I haven't much of. Working with Shelby + Cori Sue from HAVENLY was a dream come true! The got my vision immediately, and pulled it all off alongside their fabulous + stealth Havenly crew. So, should you find yourself in a bit of a deco-jam, enlist the help of HAVENLY, tell them The MRS sent you, and in no time you're space will be all kinds of gorge + glam!

Your Welcome, 



Design: Shelby Girard of Havenly / All Photography: Annie Groves / Photo Styling: N2Designs


Mister Malin / In The House

Gone are the days that the name Gray Malin stir mystery - for his rise to Photog-extradordinaire happened rather swiftly! His razor sharp, playful eye and relentless pursuit of capturing bewildering whimsy - are the honed skills one would typically expect from a majestic gypsy! When his High PhotoShip released his WELCOME TO THE PARKER collection - I basically departed, then came back via divine resurrection! I recall sending ferocious and rapid texts to MRS. LEE knowing they shared a lovely friendship - demanding that she connect me at once (!!!) with his High PhotoShip! When this MRS unleashes her steadfast determination - all hell breaks loose, her social graces plummet to eternal damnation! From that moment on, it's really all a blur - and then one day these two remarkable prints arrived beautifully framed, and complete with his High PhotoShip's signature!! The rest...? Well, you can read more HERE - I'm heaving heaps of my MRS inspiration, loves + crazy ramble for YOU, my dearest of dears!


OH MY GUAM, is right! In fact, we've already trotted and just woke up from our second night. To blow your mind just a tad bit more, we traveled into the future (I sh*t you not) which was pretty hard core! We crossed the international dateline, therefore I am a MRS of the future! So put that into your pipe and smoke yourself into a mind-blowing stupor! I'm sure there's queries a plenty, so I'll do my best to explain this all rather directly. My solar engineering Mr. was presented a unique career opportunity. Us crazy Liliens love a good adventure and therefore are now a (temporary) part of the Guam community. Our Micronesian stint is to last around 6 months. But seriously, these sort of occasions are meant to be seized, for they may only happen once. We plan to take full advantage of our new geographical coordinates. There are plans already in the making to voyage about all the nearby destinations of exotic foreignness.

Thank you for understanding the pause in my postings. It's been one HE!! of a year, filled with so many comings and goings. If there was a way to explain it all without causing eyeball + jaw drops - I would divulge it all and shatter the facades. But, as mother always said, a lady must always maintain a certain level of mystery. So, I'll leave it at that and revel in the reality that I made it to 2016 alive... the ultimate VICTORY!!!

The MRS will continue to reign high and mighty, with a new destination, a new look (new site coming soon!), new adventures that will be even more fabby + feisty! So be sure to follow along on all of the shenanigans + crazy gallivants.

There's so much yet to explore, experience, teach, preach, and discover. For the first time in a year I feel ready to seize the day, jump into the unknown, find my stollen happiness + dance with it like a motherfuqer!!

Happy 2016!



A GOLDEN New Years Countdown Menu

Just before the new year begins I've taken part in a collaborative menu that is downright golden!!! Inspirational, tasty + everything else... a guide to last-minute grocering + what to grab off your pantry shelves! Cocktails, apps, delicious salads paired with a side + dessert from a whole bunch of fabby gals who've graciously offered their highest, utmost + greatest preferred! 

Mine? #3 on the cocktail list : a white hot + bothered brew to keep you warm with a bit of a twist! 

All menu details await you here, where you can frolick, pick + pluck with an excited + indulgent NYE sneer!

Top Image: Annie Groves / Bottom Image: Kelly Boyd / Calligrapher: Lavin Label

MRS NOG (omg)

Push N' Power Egg Whisk / Godinger Dublin 10-Piece Footed Punch Bowl Set / Luigi Bormioli 'Crescendo' Footed Pitcher / Studio Whisks (Set of 3) / Lenox Tuscany Classics 8 piece Punch Bowl Set / Anthropologie Maelle Whisk / Ralph Lauren Home RL '67 Pitcher

Herein lies a very special treat! The nog I grew up on since I was barely toddling on my two feet! Tapped from mother, the knower of all things major; the ultimate hostess + legendary cocktail curator! Behold her illustrious EGGNOG recipe for you to indulge upon - a luscious libation that I deem #MRSApproved, + "the BOMB!" So have at it, whisk it up and serve it to your beloved crew! Then sit back, (whilst sipping of course) and enjoy the HOLIDAY HULLABALOO!!


Your Welcome!

(Thanks Mama!)




Bottle Brush Trees / Tiffany 'T' Ring / Happiness Planner / Joshua Sanders Bow Slippers / Rodin Lip Balm Ring / Everything Back Pack / Jet Set Passport Holder / Cannon 70D Camera / iPhone 6s / Passion Planner / Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle / Drusit Earrings / Lense Baby for iPhone / Kayu Banana Clutch / Relevée Lash Curler / Pineapple Sipper

There's nothing to say here other than: I WANT IT ALL!!! Who wouldn't want this pile of magnificent haul?! If you're feeling generous and love to GIVE - let's just say I wouldn't be opposed if you did!! I admit, I'm a bit of a gluttonous pig! I love THINGS, especially when they are fancy, fun + BIG! So there you have it the long and short of my list - let me just say, if I don't get at least half of it, I'm gonn' be pissed!!

Happy Holidays!



Mrs Lilien's ULTIMATE Stocking Stuffers

STOCKINGS! The Grand Dame of the whole Chrimstamsing event! They happen to be my favorite method to gift the unexpected! Usually a place for the expected candy treat - and perhaps a pair of cozy socks for your feet. I challenge you to see the stocking as a new place for the elite! What ever goes in, be sure to make it count! So that what ever is fished out, is utterly paramount! Be it something sparkly, or dapper to death - just be sure it’s something that causes a gasp, and steals a breath! Its moments like those that will leave the paper flying around everywhere seem like nothing - because the laser beam stares between you and your stocking filler is sizzling + loving!!

Just imagine the rosy glow that will quickly fill her smiling face - when she discovers the glittering  Neil Lane ring fashioned with diamonds set in rose gold lace!

Join me in making the Stocking the ultimate morsel of tradition - a coveted place for high gifting that holds the highest gifting position!


Odeme Gold Compact / Neil Lane for Kay Jewelers Rose Gold + Diamond Ring / Odeme Matchbook Nail Files / Drye Towel in a Tin / Odeme Bobbi Pins / Lele Sadoughi Stone Column Slider Bracelet

HIM > 

Onward + Upward Water Vessel / Jimmy Fallon for J.Crew Pocket Dial iPhone Case / Nixon UltraTide Watch / Harry's Shave Kit / Gunn + Swain Surf Wax Candle / Jack Spade Self Inking Text Stamp / Private Reserve Flask / Fine + Dandy Cufflinks

Problems + Solutions for the Festive Season

Stinks are a funny topic, but they become significantly funnier during the holidays. Probably because we’ve all been there and can all relate. Stinks don’t make you a bad person, we’re human and well stinks are just a part of life. Embracing them for all that they are is the way to go about them right! With the loooong roadies to grandmothers house you go, to welcoming hoards of people into your festive home that you hardly know. The common denominator is the stink. Let’s face it, it’s a part of life’s beauty… don’t you think?! Like prepubescent teens, they’re eye-widening and awkward. The good news, at least for the stink, is that it can be doctored! Febreze has concocted some pretty awesome ways to banish those unsavory lingering #12stinks odors. They’ve got a solution for every occasion, from those long musty car trips to those mysterious wafting floaters. I consider them the experts in stink elimination, as they truly have a product for every sticky situation. They've crafted a magnificently witty video that's definitely worth a gander - Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison of course pull it off in perfect comedic manor!

All stinking aside, there are of course other ways in which scenting the atmosphere can really up the merriment. For instance, each year I proudly erect my vintage 6’ silver tinsel tree (which rotates no less) that’s filled with sentiment. While it’s a Lilien family holiday tradition, it unfortunately lacks that iconic pine tree scented distinction. The fix?! Well, I spray her up with the Jolly Pine and it’s an instant fix! I get the best of both worlds with my Jolly Pine scented kooky faux Christmas tree - and that my friends, makes one very satisfied MRS me!

What ever the case, it would behoove you to have a little Febreze at the ready. For when the holiday festivities commence, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation gone (un)smelly! 


The 12 Stinks of Christmas / Febreze Car Vent Clip Hawaiian Aloha  / Febreze Jolly Pine Candle / Febreze Cranberry Cheer Air Effects

Fabulousness 101

We all have choices, there’s no doubt about it. When it comes to matters of accessorizing there’s no reason to mask it! Every personal necessity presents a statement-making opportunity. So when given the option, why not accessorize beautifully?! Outward adornments ought to be considered extensions of personal style. Expressing one’s self with added swerve, shows they’ve gone the extra mile.

I’m a huge proponent of personal flair. A fluffy pouf here, a fabulous tassel there. I’m confident that my flamboyant persuasion has confirmed I’m no square. I know so because I get complimented on it everywhere!!!

Inevitably it bubbles up applause followed by a doubtful declaration. For example: “Darling, your dazzling! I could never get away with that!” P’shaw I say, it’s all in the way your carry it. Snap! Be it your wallet, your watch, your shoes or your phone; make them fabulous, noteworthy, make them treasures to be shown!

Take a peek above at the STIL tassled phone case - a sublime affirmation of an accessory that screams style + grace. It mixes the coveted metallic elements with Italian leather to produce a powerful little 'Love Triangle’ that’ll bring an entire ensemble together. 

Garnishing your wardrobe with on point ornamentation is an honorable habit with which there is no limitation. It’s easy to be a plain Jane, but it takes effort to be artful. It merely takes seeing objects of need as a chance to bedazzle your ensemble.


Also available here on

*Compensation was provided for this post by STIL Case (Newvit) via StudioD. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

Little Black (Holiday) Dress

When the holidays come around, I'll be the first to tell you...a lady in black is she who we all must cherish and look to. I, personally, bow in her presence for she always knows just what to wear, say + do! She's graceful, poised + utterly smashing - unafraid of anything, much less mixing + matching...

The strategy is simple and comes down to three things: 1. Dress Detail 2. Silhouette  3. An accessory compilation that ear-to-ear sings! 

Perhaps it's really simpler than we have come to think, the only way to find out is grab the reigns + throw on a fabby black slink!!! I'll lead the way...

Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress • Kate Spade
Rose Hi-Lo Dress • La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni
'Gizela' Cape Back Dress • Trina Turk

Serena Feather-Trimmed Cady Mini Dress • Elizabeth and James
Drop Bar Mesh Choker • Tuleste
Beaute Rouge Louboutin Matte Lipstick • Christian Louboutin
Lace-up cotton-blend mini • RED Valentino
Cigar Stack Ring • Club Monaco
Struts Pumps • Steven
Swiss-Dot Tulle-Paneled Crepe Mini Dress • RED Valentino
Marigold Resin Flower & Swarovski Crystal Ring • Oscar de la Renta
Red Bugle Beaded Tassel Earrings • Oscar de la Renta
Round Toe Heels with Tulle Bow Detail • Jimmy Choo

P.S. I've got expensive taste - I KNOW! If you want to save yourself a bucketful of tears when your credit card bill is due or that look of disgust on your hubby/accountant's mug I've compiled a LESS LIST just for you. A smattering of much more affordable picks, much more likely to make it into your arms or onto your shelves! Enter your email below + I will personally send you the exclusive "LESS LIST" for this very post. Cheers!!!