Mrs. Lilien's Top 10 Summer Wedding Gifts

I'm sure you're well aware that it's high wedding season - perhaps all those invitations have given you good reason! A summer wedding is truly a jolly affair - one that is usually festive, fabulous + rather debonaire! So, in the spirit of the fun loving summer wedding - I've compiled my top 10 gifts that any bride + groom would love to be getting. I urge you to take note, or file this safely away - so that when your next summer wedding invite shows up, you're prepared for their big day!


  1. French Oven + Tasting Spoon / 2. A Case of Just Married Wine / 3. Monogrammed Table Linnens / 4. Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook + Blender / 5. His + Hers Matching Urns / 6. Succulent Sheet Set / 7. Ice Bucket + Tongs / 8. Lobster Door Knocker / 9. Mr. + Mrs Mug Set + Coffee of the Month Subscription / 10. His + Hers Honeymooning Accessories