Bottle Brush Trees / Tiffany 'T' Ring / Happiness Planner / Joshua Sanders Bow Slippers / Rodin Lip Balm Ring / Everything Back Pack / Jet Set Passport Holder / Cannon 70D Camera / iPhone 6s / Passion Planner / Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle / Drusit Earrings / Lense Baby for iPhone / Kayu Banana Clutch / Relevée Lash Curler / Pineapple Sipper

There's nothing to say here other than: I WANT IT ALL!!! Who wouldn't want this pile of magnificent haul?! If you're feeling generous and love to GIVE - let's just say I wouldn't be opposed if you did!! I admit, I'm a bit of a gluttonous pig! I love THINGS, especially when they are fancy, fun + BIG! So there you have it the long and short of my list - let me just say, if I don't get at least half of it, I'm gonn' be pissed!!

Happy Holidays!