SOOOOOOO, the cat's outta the bag - we're leaving the continental united states, and fast! No, we're not evading hit men or seeking federal protection - we're trading in the hustle and bustle for peaceful paradise perfection. Life has it's funny way of letting you know, it's time to slow down - that you should smile more, laugh more, stress less and lose the frown. Sure it's not entirely all that simple, orchestrating a high caliber relocation - is as bat-shiz crazy undergoing a full gender transformation. That said, both can be done - and in the end your thrilled with where you landed, or what you've become. Fear not my friends and fans far and wide - you'll still get my daily nonsense, it'll just be dispatched from paradise! We've just over a month left before we board the pineapple express - there's LOTS to accomplish, LOTS to address. I've got even bigger news to share tomorrow - I'm pretty sure if you near by, you'll clap, dance and maybe even yodel!

Hold onto your pineapples for more on my move - no doubt you'll be jazzed, you'll twirl and groove!