Party In Paradise

Once I touched down in paradise, my party bells have gone haywire. It's like the plane wheels hit ground + sparked an inner fire, buzzing and ringing...the volume only gets higher!!! The joy, the happiness and the elation I feel is surely the result of this island's appeal. So here I go throwing myself a little make believe party - every item an obsession that I admire entirely! 9 years it has been since I've lived in Oahu + it's never felt better. THAT for sure won't be argued.

So go along, indulge in my obsessions + let your first party rain down with the grandest of possessions!


Lollipop Candles / SUNNYLIFE Flamingo Candles  / Number 9 Piñata / DIY Pineapple Favor Bags / Studio DIY Clock Balloon / OH JOY! Garland FloralFlamingo Pool Floaties / SUNNYLIFE radio