1. Bobby Pin + Bracelet holder (stroke of pure genius!) 2. Serena + Lily Swing Chair ON SALE!!  3. Elena Votsi Cyclos Ring 4. Sophie Hulme GO BANANAS Albion Tote 5. Ancient Greek Clio Sandals 6. Cold Picnic Private Parts 4 (is there truly anything GREATER??) 7. The Fifth Watches / Melbourne Minimal / Rose Gold + Peach (a thing of PURE beauty!!) 8. HAY Computer Cleaning Brush

To each their own, and well, these are mine! The very current 8 goodies that are possessing my MRS mind. While simple in shape, color + practicality - the absolute lust over each bring me unthinkable joviality! Typically a MRS of vibrant color - object of neutrality rarely bring about the same amount of glorious luster. But I tell you what, show me brilliance in monotone shades of 'biscuit' and I'm oh my knees PRAYing for 'beige hating' forgiveness!!

Now that I'm living in GUAM, squllions of miles away from my worldly possessions - my soul is porous and so easily lured by new obsessions. What ever the case, I truly don't care - the above collection is beyond compare.

Now.... hmmm, WHO OF YOU SHIPS TO GUAM?!?!

One could only hope..... do YOU AMAZON???