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Reversible Printed Cutout Bikini • Mara Hoffman / SunnyLife Inflatable Flamingo Float / Sensi Studio Lady Majorca Crocheted Hat / Rodin Lip Balm • Rodin / Yellow Sandals • FLEEPS / Meleana Aloha Tote

On the stands TODAY is Coastal Living's March issue + as a ceaseless resident of le coastal domain - i've made it to the coveted pages of the highly acclaimed! The fabby CL crew knocked on my little door for some playful selections boasting the highest, brightest + grandest rapport. From pool to purse to closet I pulled my precious picks - the things that make me explode with joy and clap, jump + kick! So if you happen to grab a copy off the racks, send me a tweet / leave a comment / wave your flag. It makes my mind shake at the thought of all of you flipping to page 7 and seeing little old me!!! 



Mrs. Lilien's Beauty Bag

It's been far too long since I've sat down + spilled all the treasures and bits with which my beauty bag is filled. What once were my necessities have undergone a minor switch - for I'm now living on GUAM where it's 10 degrees hotter (!!!!) but truth be told, humidity has remained my main b*tch. Take notice that not all things require island heat + bodily precipitation, you'll scoot across some serious bits that you, too, must introduce to your daily rotation! I'll include a little "why" in the info down below, so you know what you're missing + why you'll cherish it so!

1. NARS TIMANFAYA > This mega pencil makes for the ultimate resort lip! I live resort 24/7, therefore it’s my go to.

2. BUMBLE + BUMBLE INVISIBLE OIL > The things that HAIR dreams are made of!!!  

3. MASON PEARSON HAIR BRUSH > The only thing that touches my hair aside from my own hands

4. KOPARI COCONUT OIL > A DAILY essential... I’m not sure I could now exist without it!

5. ODEME HAIR BANDS (12 PACK) > while my hair just died, I cannot use these anymore BUT they are BY FAR the most elite hair elastic of all time!! The enormous gilded pin that they come on is worth the entire purchase itself!

6. ODEME BOBBING PINS > these are my most absolute favorite hair flare of late. Not only do they come in incredible saturated colors, are build EXTRA long for those of us with unruly horse hair, they are statement making all their own! The packaging that they arrive in will have you sweating with stress over ‘DO I, or DON’T I actually use these’ because the whole kit and kaboole is pure eye candy!!!

7. ODEME POLISH > Light Cassavettes on the nails + bold Cuba Libre for the toes. Odeme’s nail polishes arrive in THE most adoring of boxes. The kind you wouldn’t DARE throw away. The kind that you actually store the coveted polish in at all times when not in use.

8. BOBBI BROWN CREME BLUSH > In Calypso Coral... there is no substitute! Best creme blush on UNIVERSE!!! Believe me, I’ve tried them ALL! 

9. NARS EYE PAINT > On pale or even tan skin, this is a stunning shade. It’s creamy + pigmented and if nothing else, a simple coat of black mascara takes you to insta-glam!!

Holiday EYEssentials

SHOP THE EYEssentials


Anastasia Brow Whiz / Bobbi Brown Brow Brush / Givenchy Mister Brow Pencil 

Anastasia Brow Pomade


Bobbi Brown Greystone Eye Palette / Surratt Relevée Lash Curler / Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Felt-tip Eyeliner Pen / Givenchy Beauty Phenomen'eyes Mascara / Serge Lutens Beauté Mascara

The festive holiday season calls for festive holiday EYES. You know, the kind that dazzle, bewitch + surprise! Let's start with the BROWS; after all they are the exclamation point to our eyes!!! I've been playing CLOSE attention to this furry feminine facial feature. What I've learned is that they are not to sparse or meager! A big and bold brow will grant you full fledged admission into Glam Town! So sprint to Sephora or your fave beauty counter and BROW DOWN!

Now onto the eyes... often referred to as the windows to the soul. 'Tis the season for trimming them in the most kittenish of kohl. As mother always said, it's better to be classy than trashy. So, stick with simple with just dash of drama + a pinch of flashy. Curled, lined and precisely coated. Delicately dusted with sparkle, just enough to be noticed. Keep 'em clean, dazzling and bright - and a smidgen sultry to sparkle in the night! 

ALOHA KSNY, the recap!

Funnel Neck Puffer / Faux Fur Earmuffs / Striped Bow Swimsuit / Cheers Wine ToteDrink Me Wine Tote / Baseball Hat with Pom / Striped Tights / Bow Back Dress ->ON SALE! / Gold Dani Heels / All In Good Taste Book

Every good partnership deserves a grand finale! So when my Kate Spade reign came to a close, I was ready to rally! The grand re-opening of the Honolulu Flagship store was my final duty. What an honor it was to host this event, and even more so when you’re a certified KSNY groupie! As the doors swung open in perfect celebratory fashion - the fans flowed in with fabulous enthusiasm. Floating about the sea of shoppers - I took in all the whimsical head toppers! With products as glittery and playful as one’s imagination can fathom - nary a product was purchased without an elated reaction. Amidst sipping, smiling, signing, socializing and snapping - I made sure to take it all in by stepping back and savoring the soiree that was undoubtedly smashing! It’s not everyday that the KSNY fairy godmother magic wands you into their world - but, when she does the thrill and delight is enough to make a grown MRS whirl + twirl!

MRS. PoreTastic!

Living in the tropics is paradise, but with all good things there are negative aspects as well. Being the sun goddess that I am, it’s easy to kiss your complexion farewell. With the constant balminess, sweating + layers of sunscreen,- comes the upset, over exposed, congested skin that haunted you as a teen. Not without mention, 36years of life stakes it’s claim on your face - doubling the effects of sun exposure making it even MORE difficult to erase. All in all it’s not the best combo. I’ve been using a more advanced skin care line for quite some time. The StriVectin Advanced Retinol collection - has really done wonders for my complexion. Just recently I got my MRS mitts on their new StriVectin Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner - and after just a few weeks my once somewhat porous skin is looking noticeably smoother and finer! It’s an added, after moisturizer treatment used both morning and night. I have to say the new tightly toned and even texture of my skin has been quite a delight! While our beauty routines will be ever changing, just like our age, I have to say that this combination I’ve found from StriVectin has proved to be my trusted complexion aid!

I’ve got a few extra full size tubes of Pore Refiner to give away! Roll on over to my Instagram and comment on my PORE post. Using emojis to emulate your PORE status + tagging @StriVectin #PORENOMORE. May the BEST combos win!


TOP NOTCH Polish & Lip Pairings

With Summer nearing it's seasonal end, it's with GREAT honor that I ride out these beauty trends. Whether you polish from home or an on-site salon - these four combinations are above and beyond! From one extreme to the next, it's totally thrilling to take on a different persona is utterly fulfilling. One week I'm queen of the jungle, next I'm covered in gold and then I whip out the sweetest combination and let my "darling" self unfold. If anything it's pure entertainment for those of us with the most curious hearts + souls!

Lady-Like: Smashbox Be Legendary Coraline Gloss + marc jacobs Fluorescent Beige Polish

Jungle Gal: NARS Schiap Semi Matte + JINsoon Moody Green

Darling: Essie Find Me An Oasis + Smashbox Be Legendary Pout

Golden Gal: Essie Good As Gold + Bobbie Brown Gold High Summer Gloss


5 Things My Skin Needs

My skin routine is ever-evolving but will forever be a task worth solving. Seasons, age and the sun take part in this puzzling situation that I proclaim a sophisticated art. One product for too long never does me right - so I bow to a blossoming meddy cabinet full of interchangeable delight! Since my move to the tropics, I've upped my game and have been enthused by the results of the above 5 named. Yes, a bit hodge podge but that's okay because it's about the way my face, scalp and body sparkle, shine + glow come the end of the day!



1. Whole Foods' ALAFFIA Coconut Face Toner  2. TonyMoly Hawaii's Egg Pore Skin Soap 3. One Love Organics Coconut + Salt Body Lotion 4. Wen by Chaz Dean Lavender Cleansing Conditioner 5. Everyone 3-in-1 soap

Still Poppin'

I'm officially a little over a month since my first time using Salonist hair color + HI island living - and I have to say it's been amazing, somewhat challenging but totally thrilling! In such a short time I feel as though so much has happened - yet in some ways little has changed, if you can imagine. With a new beginning right before me and ready for the seizing - I've found myself reticent and curious as I navigate the newness and digest it's deeper meaning. Sometimes making time to quiet your mind awakens clarity, as with bestowing sight to the blind. One doesn't find their way to paradise without a little help from the sublime. This I'm coming to see and acknowledge for the very first time! Now, speaking of time, yes sweet, precious time - let's revisit the topic of this recently colored hair of mine! Fast forward 4 weeks later - hair looking fab, if not… a tad bit greater! The Hawaiian sun has graciously kissed my locks - leaving me with further dimension that totally rocks! Perhaps you find yourself wondering where this all comes together - I'll share my wisdom to which I'm certain will resonate with you all beyond measure.

Life is short and TIME is fleeting - yet we allow ourselves to go back over and over for the very same beating. It's easy to adhere to the daily grind if it's not broke...but in doing so our routines become laws and thoughts of change go up in smoke. I used to spend hours in the salon at least once a month - what little free time I had was whale inhaled as if it were chum. On top of it all, salon visits certainly aren't cheap - my hair bill alone was astounding, yet I diligently paid it every 4 weeks.

With the DIY hair color horror a thing of the past - I now know that the Vidal Sassoon Salonist has my back! Easy to use and with fabulous results - I wonder when I’ll ever go back to the salon chair for a hair consult. An on-the-go gal or a stay-at-home mama (or in my case, both) it'll save you tons of time, money + drama. No more dollar wincing nightmares or "is it going to turn out?" - just a box of Vidal Sassoon and colored locks of confidence, no doubt! Be it blonde, brunette or fiery red I urge you to join the team + avoid the drama we all so dread. A visit to Walmart or is all it really takes to be your very own expert - go on, throw out the stakes! 

Anyone wanna join me for a do-it-at-home hair that'll set you FREEEE?! Perhaps I can set you up with a special "newbie" salonist fee! 

Island Beauty

When you live on an island with weather ever-luminous, you find yourself pursuing a most protective product cumulus. No matter the fun, the sun may bring - it is undeniably responsible for UV-scything. Not one single part of me is willing to accept hair frizzy + frowy..."Well, fine!" I say, "I've got the goods to make it the breeziest of the blowy". Now my skin, THAT is a whole 'nother venture...time, trials and money to nail down the most honorable contenders. Before the day begins and after it ends, I show it some love with a simple assortment that utterly commends.

Perhaps you've got a recommendation or two for other ladies searching for the most valuable balmy basics to pursue!

HAIR 1. Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion 2. Wen Cleansing Conditioner 3. SunBum Leave In 4. Bumble and Bumble Styler 5. Davines Beautifying Oil Potion

SKIN 1. Everyone Face Cleanser 2. Coola Unscented Face Sunscreen 3. ER Face Serum 4. SunShades for Overexposed Skin 5. SunBum Spray Sunscreen