A GOLDEN New Years Countdown Menu

Just before the new year begins I've taken part in a collaborative menu that is downright golden!!! Inspirational, tasty + everything else... a guide to last-minute grocering + what to grab off your pantry shelves! Cocktails, apps, delicious salads paired with a side + dessert from a whole bunch of fabby gals who've graciously offered their highest, utmost + greatest preferred! 

Mine? #3 on the cocktail list : a white hot + bothered brew to keep you warm with a bit of a twist! 

All menu details await you here, where you can frolick, pick + pluck with an excited + indulgent NYE sneer!

Top Image: Annie Groves / Bottom Image: Kelly Boyd / Calligrapher: Lavin Label

MRS NOG (omg)

Push N' Power Egg Whisk / Godinger Dublin 10-Piece Footed Punch Bowl Set / Luigi Bormioli 'Crescendo' Footed Pitcher / Studio Whisks (Set of 3) / Lenox Tuscany Classics 8 piece Punch Bowl Set / Anthropologie Maelle Whisk / Ralph Lauren Home RL '67 Pitcher

Herein lies a very special treat! The nog I grew up on since I was barely toddling on my two feet! Tapped from mother, the knower of all things major; the ultimate hostess + legendary cocktail curator! Behold her illustrious EGGNOG recipe for you to indulge upon - a luscious libation that I deem #MRSApproved, + "the BOMB!" So have at it, whisk it up and serve it to your beloved crew! Then sit back, (whilst sipping of course) and enjoy the HOLIDAY HULLABALOO!!


Your Welcome!

(Thanks Mama!)



A Printable Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipe

Every special holiday calls for a special cocktail - one in which you dote upon, post on Pinterest and mass email! This Thanksgiving, the Lilien clan will be sipping this wild turkey libation - a cocktail, that in summation - is annually coveted and gossiped about with adoration! Thanks to the bourbon, it's warm and cozy - and with the addition of the citrus, quite appealing to the nosey! Tossing in the egg white gives it that special holiday froth - which gives the added spark to this holiday broth! This cocktail cannot come more highly recommended - not only is it a winner, but the name is hands-down splendid!

Download the Wild Turkey Cocktail here.

First Time (Thanksgiving) Hostess

Truth be told, hosting T-Day is no walk in the park and is quite the mission for one to embark. But don't let doubtful rumours dwindle your burning flame - take it from this veteran entertaining MRS, for I have no shame. I'm reaching out early so your time is aplenty! Beware: prepping, planning + devising is the heftiest portion and will likely set your month in a full-on frenzy! But enjoy each detail + pour your heart into it 'cuz nothing is better than a room full of people diggin' your sh*t! Even better, it's likely they'll reminisce for years to come - and remember m'dear that is something you gone n' done!!!!


P.S. I came across this insightful article and am ever so excited to share with you! It serves as a seriously spectacular guide for those taking the throne this Thanksgiving for the very first time! It talks detail delegation, planning process + even offers some emotional encouragement. 

Kikkerland 'Leg-Up' Turkey Timer Amazon / Small Talk Table Runner Kate Spade New York / Frank $5 Dinner Plate CB2  / 'First Come, First Served' Salad Bowl KSNY / Trophy Dish Waiting On Martha / Turkey Lifters Crate & Barrel / Vintage 60-minute Timer (similar) Amazon / Pete the Penguin Cocktail Shaker Amazon / Fun Signage for the Kitchen Waiting On Martha / Platinum Spreaders Waiting On Martha / Mrs. Lilien Dessert Cocktail Swatchbook Amazon / Punch Bowl with Ladle CB2 

A HAUTE Halloween Guide: Drinks, Costumery, Decor + More!

GUYS! Ok...it's time to play dress up, trick-or-treat + act goofy.Time for us "older" folk to trade in the candy for some fun + seriously festive social boozery! 

So here she sits... an inspiration guide just for YOU! I'd advise it best you tip toe your way through and prepare yourself for quite the view! 

Creepy-crawly but tastily enthralling! I promise you this, spirit sipping will never feel so utterly fitting! 


Gold Metallic Paper Straws via Oh Happy Day

 FREE Spells & Potions Bottle Label Printables via Hostess With the Mostess

Creepy Crawler Red Rum via Martha Stewart

 10 Halloween Drinks for the KIDS via Top Inspired

(Others not pictured)

Monster Straw Ping Pong DIY via A Subtle Revelry

 Spooky Spiked Dirty Chai Latte via Sugar and Cloth

10 Halloween Cocktails via Town & Country

GONE are the last-minute pick ups of Halloween store remainders - do right by old Hallow + give her something tasty to swallow! Promise? You must! Anything sans thought is 100% transparent and a total bust. Even I (an awful + impatient DIY-er) will find a way to get myself inspired! If not for my own costume-winning prize, than to ensure a big proud smile across the faces of my little guys! Now allow me to expand - EVERY item need not be made my hand. Piece together items from the places you'd normally look last + I guarantee you'll find a way to transform it. Jawdrop...wait for it...GASP!!! Pinterest is such one massive treasure chest, so I've picked, prodded + sorted through to a few things that left me the utmost impressed!


Glam Goddess - last minute DIY via Martha Stewart 

Witch's Limbs - Find some old striped stockings or knee-highs + pair with trick-or-treat comfort approved Pumpkin Tieks!

Crystal-Lined Masquerade Mask via ETSY

Lauren Conrad's DIY Mermaid Costume

Beauty Mark Temporary (WATERPROOF!) Tattoos - via Mr. Kate

(others not pictured)

10 Great Couple Costumes via Brit + Co (My right hand gal + her beau are included in this! #10!!!)

For the Trés Chic + High-Fashioned Gal Pals via WhoWhatWear

Perhaps the house could use some adorning...the kind that get's the kids (or you) chipper, cheerful and no longer mourning. When time is short and tempers are shorter, practicality is key in avoiding possible torture. Something as simple as self-decorated balloons or pre-made monster frames to hang in just about any room! 

Here's a coveted list of store-bought decor and DIY's because sometimes we just have to learn to do our best with whatever our timeframe complies:


DIY Balloons - Pretty Self-Explanatory...take a SHARPIE and go at it!

Picture Frame Monsters via Pinterest

Balloon-Dipped, No-Carve Pumpkin DIY via Paper & Stitch

(other ideas I adore)

My FREE Mrs. Pumpkin Carving Templates

Bat Silhouettes (cut out + tape to wall, windows, mirrors, etc) via Tumblr

DIY Sidewalk Skulls via Hello Lucky 


Cocktail-of-the-Month: August

Combine the following ingredients into a large, ice-filled shaker. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds + strain into chilled glasses. Top each with ample ice. Yields 2 Tall Lattés.


1 Cup - Absolut Vanilla Vodka

2 Cups - Chilled Black Coffee

1 Cup - Whole Milk

1 Tablespoon - Pure Vanilla Extract

1/2 Cup - Simple Syrup


Mrs. Lilien's LIFE ELIXIR

Here's a little something juicy, that'll make your Monday extra groovy! I'm sharing with you my coveted life elixir; something that I swear will extend your life, AND it plays nice with clear liquors! I do hope you'll give it a whirl and make yourself a heaping batch, it's rather quite simple and comes together in a snap! Should you so choose, use some agave and sweeten to taste; I like mine rather tart and usually tequila laced. Check out the below how-to vid; I guarantee you'll be utterly delighted that you did!!




One of my guiltiest pleasures happens to be drinking my meals - hey, don't judge, I just like the way it makes me feels!! That said, I must admit - my Brunch in a Cup is a most fabulous fit! What's not to love about veggies, shrimp + fancy pickled things - swimming in vodka, v8 and every sauce in between?! I truly cannot possibly think of a better way - to fuel and sauce up for the day! So the next time you find yourself in  need of a little 'pick-me-up' - you really ought to try my Brunch in a Cup!

Forgive my absence yesterday, for here's the full disclosure - I was keeping company with none other than Mrs. Hangover!!

Happy Friday, all!!



Straw / Tipsy Cocktail Stirrers / Cocktail Fork / Red Pepper Flakes / Horseradish / Shrimp / Blue Cheese Olives / V8 /Worcesteshire Sauce / Soy Sauce / Tobasco Sauce / Kettle One Vodka / Working Glass

Mrs. Grasshopper Cocktail

For some it's liquid libations + for others it's a cultural celebration. Whatever the purpose may be today, I say cheers to you in my MRS. way! If you're down for the cause + in for the count, grab your fancy glasses and prepare for the tongue-tickling dismount. BEHOLD a recipe from my book #2, it's the Mrs. Grasshopper Cocktail - go on and indulge like we good gals do....

Here's a real crowd pleaser - a frozen cocktail to whip up at your leisure! Straight from my Mrs. Lilien's Dessert Cocktail Swatchbook - and upon first sip, this frosty treat will have you on the hook! It's utterly ideal for a St. Patty's day libation - and by far a crowning choco-mint-tail innovation. It's not all that fussy, and rather easy to make - and thanks to the VODKA, it becomes an intoxicating drank!! So, go on and bust out that blender - tomorrow's St. Patty's day, and deserving of a boozy bender!



August Morgan Cocktail Napkins

A Chardonnay A Day

Just like that key piece in your closet that goest with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, a fabulous bottle of wine can be just as eminent. A go-to bottle should be able to compliment your most basic of pedestrian nibbles and be the cherry on top of something delicious + elegant. Whether serving bites that are salty + savory, sweet or tart - a balanced + veracious bottle of Chardonnay can take mundane fare to the top of the chart. Looking for said stalwart bottle of Chard?! In waltzes La Crema… see that wasn’t so hard! They’ve launched a fabulous new program in which they’ve coined the ‘Virtual Vintner’ - an online wine experience that formulates a new vino variety based off crowd-sourced input + popular vote and thus create + deliver! This new virtual wine making concept taps the minds of their registered online community - they’ll create a new custom wine based off the popular findings, making it a rather unique + exciting opportunity!  Just think of all the fun you could have with a crowd pleasing, custom wine to pair with brunch, lunch and dinner?! And knowing you played a part in the creation would most definitely make you feel like a winner! I know I wouldn’t mind having a fabulous Chardonnay a day - it would certainly turn my monday through friday into a week long soirée!