Sloughing off Summer

You know what's kind of a bummer - when fall rolls around and it's high time to slough off summer! It's not that we become partial to our newly acquired sun spots - it's just that it takes time and care to polish our over-sunned facades! There's the peels and the scrubs - the serums and the acidic-y soap suds - let's not forget the heavy creams and shower gloves! However once the dirty job is all said and done - you can pat yourself on your taught shoulder for looking younger and brighter than everyone!

Polish / Tighten / Brighten / Lighten / Renew / Peel / Scrub

Color Me Supple


We all have our secret weapons and fancy regimes - our lotions n' potions and our coveted creams. While I'm not the gal to stock an over-abundance of restorative elixirs - I like to think my arsenal is equipped with perfect skin suppling mixture. When it comes to a maintaining lady's skin - one must truly believe that the glow begins within. Plenty of water and lots of great sex - will only enhance her outer glows finesse. That said, she mustn't leave it all up to chance and good luck - she must also depend on her trusty arsenal to keep her supple struck. Above is my throng of supple skin enhancers - and a collection you ought to consider the supple skin go-to standards!

The foundation begins with scrubbing, buffing and polishing - the purpose: dead skin demolishing!
Your weapons should include the following :  a fabulous double-sided Foot File / The magic wand : aka the Clarisonic, and it's magic extender :  aka the Clarisonic Body Brush Extension Handle / and a jar of luxurious Body Scrub. These tools alone just might change your life forever - leaving you dead skinless all together!
The above process is only enhanced 10 fold - with bedewing gelees and body oils that are worth their weight in gold! If I'm magic wanding in the shower, I use a Cleansing Body Oil to enhance it's buffing power. However, if I'm in a hurry, a lavish Shower Gelee on a wash cloth is the ideal quick and dirty.
The last and final stage is the sealing-in process - which you may think is simple, yet it's really quite complex! For locking in moisture and ensuring your skin's suppleness - saturate yourself in Vaseline Total Moisture lotion for skin that's uber sumptuous. You should give it a whirl, I've no doubt you'll determine - that you (and 86% of lotion loving ladies) will fancy how this feels on your person! There's nothing like finding a lotion that exceeds your expectations - one which delivers on its promise while rousing your supple skin sensations! Feet require a little extra attention - so be sure to slather them in Foot cream for maximum moisture retention. Hands, much like feet really do need an added treat - steeping them in Hand Cream over night will render thy hands soft + sweet.
So there you have it, my supple secret divulged - I hope you heed my tactics and revel in the superior results!

The Mrs. Medicine Cabinet

Peering into one's medicine cabinet is like reading the story of their life - revealing sometimes clandestine details via the stocked supplies. For instance, do various pill bottles spew out the moment you open the door? Or, perhaps it's chock full of potions + serums that you just don't use anymore? All I can say is that the method to one's medicine cabinet madness is a personal matter - yet all things considered, it's contents should always aim to enhance, fix + flatter. What I can declare is that there are certain necessities that all cabinets must poses - small spaces considered, they must be thoughtful sundries that lead to success! I'll rattle off the appointed goodies vital to all wall mounted wonder troves - well... at least those that I'm willing to expose. Here we go:

Tweezers - let's face it ladies, whiskers are only cute on cats, so a pair of good tweezers is imperative at that! It's best to leave the brow shaping to the experts - but a rouge whisker is reason enough to keep a pair in your cabinet and your purse!!

Happy Pills - aka "vitamins" &/or "perscribed pharmacon" - including these in your repertoire is trés cosmopolitan.

Hair Oil - the only thing you'll ever need to tame that fluffy mane. This business smells like really expensive fresh cut grass - and leaves your locks glistening in an entirely different class.

Vaseline Total Moisture - The only 24 hour moisture you'll ever truly need - heck, it hydrates 3 surface layers deep! It does exactly what a body lotion should - it works moisture miracles while leaving your skin feeling good. Your skin will feel like sumptuous silk - just as if you bathe daily in a tub of warm milk!!

Wrinkies + Frownies - to save your face from furrowing in-between those pricy botox shots. Wrinkies + Frownies will back your face up so it doesn't go to pots!

Curlers - forget those cord-whoring, hair-frying irons - instead, stock a set of foam curlers to save your face + hair from burns. It's the prettier, healthier way to seek those luscious waves - just as long as your locks behave!

Headache Medicine - a cabinet/office/car/purse staple, ideal for when you've "over-spirited" and are feeling unstable. Why not just add it to your daily routine? That way you can cut down on those extra cups of caffeine!

Really Expensive Serum - oh gees just buy it already - stop buying cheapy knock-offs that are super sketchy! I swear by this miracle potion, in fact I think it's set my face into reverse aging mega motion!!!

Toothbrush - le duh.

Dream Screen

As human specimens obsessed with the youthful glow - we must slather up in order to stay supple and tight, you know? With the summer sunshine bearing down upon us - serious sunscreen saturation is an absolute must! Fried skin and hair is rather unsightly - so I've rounded up my go-to's that'll keep your person shining brightly. I live for this Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Sunshine Shield Spray - It leaves my locks lustrous and sun protected all day. I'm devoted to Kiehls for my all-over body sunscreen - the formula is fabulous, non-greasy and clean. I entrust the well being of my face to SkinMedica ONLY products - while not cheap, they've kept me looking like a porcelain goddess! (<-- couldn't help myself, he he!) On my lips I like Sun Bum Lip Balm - not only does it protect, but it's tropical scent is the bomb! Lastly my friends... HANDS!! The often neglected appendages - must be properly kept of  unpleasant blemishes. I like to richly coat my Mrs. paws in nothing but the finest - so I douse them in La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Hand Cream which keeps them looking their tightest and brightest. So there you have it my sunshine dream screen lineup - the arsenal sure to keep you looking immaculate in this summer climate.

Tubbing at the Thompson


I recently had the absolute pleasure of staying at the Thompson LES in New York City - We occupied the King Terrace Suite + boy was it pretty! Holy heck, the tub was otherworldly! The spaciousness... the grandeur - oh the possibilities, oh the allure! The moment I laid eyes on it, I filled it up in a hurry. I quickly gathered the proper tubbing accoutrements - expensive bubbly, towels, and a sterling bubble wand. I tuned on some tunes, and dove right in - I sunk to the bottom, the bubbles tickled my chin. What happen next, I'm not sure I can explain - all I can say is it was anything but mundane! 

 The Thompson LES graciously stocks Kiehl's products + Sferra bath linens / Tiffany Sterling Bubble Wand / The Dom / Post Tub Pumps