Cocktail-of-the-Month: August

Combine the following ingredients into a large, ice-filled shaker. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds + strain into chilled glasses. Top each with ample ice. Yields 2 Tall Lattés.


1 Cup - Absolut Vanilla Vodka

2 Cups - Chilled Black Coffee

1 Cup - Whole Milk

1 Tablespoon - Pure Vanilla Extract

1/2 Cup - Simple Syrup


What's in my BEACH BAG?

After spending the better part of my life on the beach, I'd like to think I'm what you'd call a Professional Beach Go-er. I've tried and tested just about every beach-centric accessory and in turn consider myself a HIGH Beachess title holder! So, it's only prudent that I share with you my most coveted beach bag + it's contents. I promise that all things listed are extremely necessary and 100% no nonsense! Now pack that scuba bag +  get your butt to the beach! Enjoy yourself whole heartedly, then repeat!

GLAMOURPUSS neoprene scuba tote / STELLA MCCARTNEY cateye sunglasses / RIDER WAITE tarot card / CYNTHIA ROWLEY scuba jacket / COOLA spf 50 / THE BEACH PEOPLE roundie towel / GRAY MALIN iPhone case / YOOBI pink headphones / BALLAST POINT big eye ipa / YOOBI pink journal / GRAIN Good Vibes Spray


Poke Doke / an Authentic Hawaiian Recipe

If you've ever paid a visit to the Hawaiian Islands, then you're no doubt familiar with this local raw nosh that's saturated in savory, salty spices. often times it's mispronounced as "PO-key", so rid you of that blunder it's pronounced "PO-kay"... okie-dokie?? Moving on... this succulent treat is often served amidst the appetizing hour. In my opinion, it pairs perfectly with a fresh margarita, extra sour. My last and final POKE quip is that it MUST be partaken with a set of chopsticks! Forking or spooning of any kind is considered gauche and of poor mind. Okay, enough, I'll stop being snooty - I blame my occasional present inner-foodie.

This appetizer is finding it's way to many a mainland menus - with various versions (yes, even veggie varieties are appearing in your typical eating venues). I've laid out the classic Hawaiian recipe - which I stand behind as true food ecstasy! It's very simple to make, however the ingredients must NOT be fake! I highly recommend starting with sushi grade ahi steak. All it requires are the the above components - then some time to marinate. All you must do is gently mix everything together, cover + patiently wait. The poke needs anywhere from 2-4 hours to refrigerate. 

This isn't the most affordable bite to serve, therefore I'd leave it for special occasions and on reserve. Not to boast, but it wouldn't be very MRS of me otherwise; our local grocery stores dedicate cold cases filled with piles of prepared poke surprise!  

What ever the case or availability, I urge you to take the poke plunge - just think how fantastic it'd be to serve this at your next hosted brunch!!



Lady Summer Slender

Well peeps, it's HIGH summertime where the sun forever shines! You know what that means? Time to hit the gym and drink something questionably green... Ok, maybe not, but even so - it's a fabby workout attire that'll get you out the door and on the go! Since my move to the tropics, necessities have seen a slight change: surfable short-wear + tops to fight the Hawaiian rain! Light, breezy + bright are the three crucial components that both motivate and excite!!!

Nourish your "get fit" needs in the fabbiest of ensembles! 


Tank One, Two, Three

Surf & Sport Shorts (Left) One, Two (Center) Three (Right) Four, Five

Outerwear One, Two, Three


Etsy Obsessions

My most recent internet dwellings have resided in a paradise of playful + punchy discoveries!!! Etsy has officially been named the MRS' ultimate retail therapy. I cannot begin to express these items i've encountered - each fulfilling their every duty as my profound sanity-saver and spiritual grounder. The Pool Boy Bell that really rings can seriously make my heart stop beating but my lungs still sing! The flamingo wall decals, the pom beach attire - the brilliant circular beach blankets that fulfill my daily desires!!! I need it all, I must, I really REAAAALLLY do! Have I gone utterly mad or are YOU obsessed TOO?!


SHOP 1 / SHOP 2 / SHOP 3 / SHOP 4

Party In Paradise

Once I touched down in paradise, my party bells have gone haywire. It's like the plane wheels hit ground + sparked an inner fire, buzzing and ringing...the volume only gets higher!!! The joy, the happiness and the elation I feel is surely the result of this island's appeal. So here I go throwing myself a little make believe party - every item an obsession that I admire entirely! 9 years it has been since I've lived in Oahu + it's never felt better. THAT for sure won't be argued.

So go along, indulge in my obsessions + let your first party rain down with the grandest of possessions!


Lollipop Candles / SUNNYLIFE Flamingo Candles  / Number 9 Piñata / DIY Pineapple Favor Bags / Studio DIY Clock Balloon / OH JOY! Garland FloralFlamingo Pool Floaties / SUNNYLIFE radio 

All I want for Mother's Day...

Oh, STOP! It's not like I'm asking for a villa in the south of France! Just a few tokens of love and appreciation to reward my mothering stance. And really, who WOULDN'T want all of the above?! To be gifted with such reckless abandon, is the greatest sign of love! Plus, asking a mom to pick just ONE wish, is really rather repressive - you couldn't even bear the thought of making mommy feel burdened or depressive! So, take my advice and just gift her the whole ludicrous lot of loot - She'll feel so loved, appreciated, and utterly wooed!

Printable MOM Crown / Masterpeace Parrot Earrings / Cynthia Rowley FLASK Bangle / Trina Turk Disc Necklace /  Linda Farrow Sunglasses / Sunny Life Flamingo Float / Tory Burch Perfume / Tiffany T Ring / Kate Spade Flamingo Clutch

Mrs. Grasshopper Cocktail

For some it's liquid libations + for others it's a cultural celebration. Whatever the purpose may be today, I say cheers to you in my MRS. way! If you're down for the cause + in for the count, grab your fancy glasses and prepare for the tongue-tickling dismount. BEHOLD a recipe from my book #2, it's the Mrs. Grasshopper Cocktail - go on and indulge like we good gals do....

Here's a real crowd pleaser - a frozen cocktail to whip up at your leisure! Straight from my Mrs. Lilien's Dessert Cocktail Swatchbook - and upon first sip, this frosty treat will have you on the hook! It's utterly ideal for a St. Patty's day libation - and by far a crowning choco-mint-tail innovation. It's not all that fussy, and rather easy to make - and thanks to the VODKA, it becomes an intoxicating drank!! So, go on and bust out that blender - tomorrow's St. Patty's day, and deserving of a boozy bender!



August Morgan Cocktail Napkins

The Garden of Good & Regal

If you've ever stumbled through a secret door and found yourself in an otherwise enchanting situation - then you can probably relate to my overwhelming delight when I happened upon this fabulous occasion! A few weeks back I jaunted off to NYC - there was a soirée to attend, something magical I needed to see! Up on the high rooftop of the Gramercy Park Hotel - to what before my eyes did appear? A beguiling garden rich with intoxicating smells! The wafting delight that amused my senses - came from the piles of Caldrea candles looming amongst floral-clad princesses. The scene was so otherworldly I believe my mouth lay piggishly open - it took everything I had not to saturate myself in the endless array of luxurious lotion. The Caldrea party was one truly a thing of wonder - which makes sense coming from a brand who specializes in fragrant products derived from horticulture. 

If you've been looking for that perfect present rich with alluring aromatics - take my MRS word that anything from Caldrea is sure dazzle anyone with their fragrant acrobatics!

I'd be fool not to mention that their blog is loaded with tips, recipes and inspiration galore - I have no doubt you'll be accosted with things you'll adore!

The Caldrea Gardens  Caldrea