MRS Lilien Does KSNY

I just LIVE for good party + ESPECIALLY when I get to play hostess! Kate Spade New York’s latest bible: ALL IN GOOD TASTE was the subject of my feted hocus pocus. Housed in their glittering gem, their 4-story Madison Avenue flagship store - elements pulled from the book were splayed from floor to floor for ALL to adore! Happy guests sashayed through the doors intent on getting their hands on the latest volume. I held court on the main floor, sipping bubbles and chirping with amongst the fanfare like a bobbling MRS balloon! The fun I had gushing with guests about ALL things ALL IN GOOD TASTE - was a delight in and unto itself, and a topic I could discuss for days upon days! Fear NOT should you have missed the soirée… You can read all about my pre-party prep in a 4-page spread. 

The anatomy of a hostessing uniform typically gets over thought; making for a stress-laden hostess that’s frazzled and distraught. A worthy hostessing ensemble should be flexible enough for the highest of occasions as well as casual-chic situations. A hostess’s uniform must always be simple but statement-making. Allowing for piles of accessories that’ll make her look positively breathtaking! Going all black, doesn’t mean going all BORING. Contrarily, black can be BOLD, bowed, striped, mixed n’ matched, leaving onlooker’s jaws stuck to the flooring! 

Kate Spade Bow Back Dress / Kate Spade Sheer + Opaque Stripe Tights / Kate Spade Dani Heels

NYC, I'm on my way!

What takes 10 hours, but cost's you a day and a half?? Traveling non-stop from Hawaii to New York! Oh my GAD!! In a few hours time I'll be making my first journey back to the mainland mothership. I'll be in NYC freezing my tan off and indulging in a wondrous week long trip! I've quite a marvelous itinerary planned. Everything from playing, sweating, shopping, co-hostessing, eating, and sharing my exploits on my insta-MRS-gram! It's been 7 months since I've worn pants, let alone HEELS! The whole winter coat thing has me in fits of giggles and squeals! It's been almost a year + a half since I've been in the big apple; I'm panting to see whats new for me to peruse and sample! 

Have you any new haunts that I mustn't miss?! If so, well go on and DISH!

And, should you see this tropical MRS sashaying the city sidewalks, gimme a shout, a wave, a wink, and directions to your favorite little shop!

Bits + Baubles Bag / Valley Eyewear DB Sunglasses / Kate Spade, Dani Heels / Rodin, Lip Balm Ring / All In Good Taste Book / Lele Sadoughi, Pave Mega Slider Bracelet / J.Crew Down Vest / Fur Earrings / Merino Wool Culottes / Michael Kors, Fur Keychain / Michael Kors, Bedford Wristlet / Loeffler Randall Lou Flat  / Bottega Veneta Cashmere Wrap Coat

A HAUTE Halloween Guide: Drinks, Costumery, Decor + More!

GUYS!'s time to play dress up, trick-or-treat + act goofy.Time for us "older" folk to trade in the candy for some fun + seriously festive social boozery! 

So here she sits... an inspiration guide just for YOU! I'd advise it best you tip toe your way through and prepare yourself for quite the view! 

Creepy-crawly but tastily enthralling! I promise you this, spirit sipping will never feel so utterly fitting! 


Gold Metallic Paper Straws via Oh Happy Day

 FREE Spells & Potions Bottle Label Printables via Hostess With the Mostess

Creepy Crawler Red Rum via Martha Stewart

 10 Halloween Drinks for the KIDS via Top Inspired

(Others not pictured)

Monster Straw Ping Pong DIY via A Subtle Revelry

 Spooky Spiked Dirty Chai Latte via Sugar and Cloth

10 Halloween Cocktails via Town & Country

GONE are the last-minute pick ups of Halloween store remainders - do right by old Hallow + give her something tasty to swallow! Promise? You must! Anything sans thought is 100% transparent and a total bust. Even I (an awful + impatient DIY-er) will find a way to get myself inspired! If not for my own costume-winning prize, than to ensure a big proud smile across the faces of my little guys! Now allow me to expand - EVERY item need not be made my hand. Piece together items from the places you'd normally look last + I guarantee you'll find a way to transform it. Jawdrop...wait for it...GASP!!! Pinterest is such one massive treasure chest, so I've picked, prodded + sorted through to a few things that left me the utmost impressed!


Glam Goddess - last minute DIY via Martha Stewart 

Witch's Limbs - Find some old striped stockings or knee-highs + pair with trick-or-treat comfort approved Pumpkin Tieks!

Crystal-Lined Masquerade Mask via ETSY

Lauren Conrad's DIY Mermaid Costume

Beauty Mark Temporary (WATERPROOF!) Tattoos - via Mr. Kate

(others not pictured)

10 Great Couple Costumes via Brit + Co (My right hand gal + her beau are included in this! #10!!!)

For the Trés Chic + High-Fashioned Gal Pals via WhoWhatWear

Perhaps the house could use some adorning...the kind that get's the kids (or you) chipper, cheerful and no longer mourning. When time is short and tempers are shorter, practicality is key in avoiding possible torture. Something as simple as self-decorated balloons or pre-made monster frames to hang in just about any room! 

Here's a coveted list of store-bought decor and DIY's because sometimes we just have to learn to do our best with whatever our timeframe complies:


DIY Balloons - Pretty Self-Explanatory...take a SHARPIE and go at it!

Picture Frame Monsters via Pinterest

Balloon-Dipped, No-Carve Pumpkin DIY via Paper & Stitch

(other ideas I adore)

My FREE Mrs. Pumpkin Carving Templates

Bat Silhouettes (cut out + tape to wall, windows, mirrors, etc) via Tumblr

DIY Sidewalk Skulls via Hello Lucky 



When all else fails, throw a tassel on it! Preferably one with charisma + an enviably high-spirited enigma. Whomever said inanimate objects can't speak for themselves - I firm fistedly oppose!!! My stance is unyielding + THIS is how it goes... 

EVERY object you own should bring forth copious amounts of joy. We all know this, yes? If not, then it'd be my highest recommendation to engage + employ. Here's the thing - what if an object we once loved is beginning to lose it's ever-joyous bling?! That's where the chains come in - the chains of LOVE... they will solve this very problem and it'll feel something like a highly intoxicating hug. So ditch the drink + choose your friend and you're one step closer to a blingless bag on the mend!


SOPHIE HULME star eyes X SOPHIE HULME flower power X ANYA HINDMARCH traffic cone X SOPHIE HULME mrs. jones X FENDI crystal crocodile X SOPHIE HULME squid tassel 

Fall Bauble Fervor

A menagerie of mixed pickings for the coming season - a dazzling crew to which my heart only deepens. Should you be on the hunt for a Fall Ball, mingle or promenade…looketh no further than this here brigade. 

Each glimmering with their own douse of delight, positively promising to prepare you for one heck of a night! Be it a ring, necklace or ear bling duo - choose wisely, some cost....well, mucho.

From Left to Right...

RINGS Lele Sadoughi Sandbar Ring X Arme De L'Amour Ruffle Gold-Plated Ring X Lele Sadoughi Sandbar Ring II NECKLACES Etro Brass Choker X Lele Sadoughi Pendulum Necklace  EARRINGS Lele Sadoughi Fishtail Earrings X Lele Sadoughi Solstice Studs

What's in my BEACH BAG?

After spending the better part of my life on the beach, I'd like to think I'm what you'd call a Professional Beach Go-er. I've tried and tested just about every beach-centric accessory and in turn consider myself a HIGH Beachess title holder! So, it's only prudent that I share with you my most coveted beach bag + it's contents. I promise that all things listed are extremely necessary and 100% no nonsense! Now pack that scuba bag +  get your butt to the beach! Enjoy yourself whole heartedly, then repeat!

GLAMOURPUSS neoprene scuba tote / STELLA MCCARTNEY cateye sunglasses / RIDER WAITE tarot card / CYNTHIA ROWLEY scuba jacket / COOLA spf 50 / THE BEACH PEOPLE roundie towel / GRAY MALIN iPhone case / YOOBI pink headphones / BALLAST POINT big eye ipa / YOOBI pink journal / GRAIN Good Vibes Spray


TOP NOTCH Polish & Lip Pairings

With Summer nearing it's seasonal end, it's with GREAT honor that I ride out these beauty trends. Whether you polish from home or an on-site salon - these four combinations are above and beyond! From one extreme to the next, it's totally thrilling to take on a different persona is utterly fulfilling. One week I'm queen of the jungle, next I'm covered in gold and then I whip out the sweetest combination and let my "darling" self unfold. If anything it's pure entertainment for those of us with the most curious hearts + souls!

Lady-Like: Smashbox Be Legendary Coraline Gloss + marc jacobs Fluorescent Beige Polish

Jungle Gal: NARS Schiap Semi Matte + JINsoon Moody Green

Darling: Essie Find Me An Oasis + Smashbox Be Legendary Pout

Golden Gal: Essie Good As Gold + Bobbie Brown Gold High Summer Gloss


Creative Freedom Footsies

Kicking off the weekend on a blank slate...quite literally! My littlest littles spent the island morning customizing their kicks eagerly, candidly + ever-so-liberally. It's no wonder why the shoe won an award, it's the most brilliant idea I'VE ever heard. Expressive and playful, we deem it a "Lilien WINNER", a project that makes our eyes sparkle and our hearts glimmer!!! When things of the sort float into my MRS-sphere I feel it my utmost duty to shout, clap, jump and SHARE! A fun summer project worth a little investment or a GIFT that will erupt into a creative little whirlwind FUNFAIRE! As a mother, my heart pitter patters at every opportunity to encourage freedom, expression and creativity in full bloom!!! 

Go on, give 'em a chance to PLAE in the best of ways!!! 



Purses of Paradise: Handbag Giveaway!

Tune in tropical Tina, this one's for you! A fabulously fun opportunity to win something bright, shiny + new! Whether it be a new bag or a well deserved escape - both are life changing and always worth the wait! While I can't fly you out to Hawaii to luxuriate in paradise with me, I do have an extra special treat! How's about a hot new boxcar bag from ZINK?! What'ya think?! If this vivacious vegan arm candy has your number, the hop aboard! This paradise bound purse plane is headed to the unexplored. 

Take 5, close those eyes and drift off into your dreamy destination. Take in the elements and submit to your mental vacation. Like how you feel? Like what you see? Okay, now it's time to share it all with me!

What kind of paradisiacal pasha are you? Please, tell me in a sentence or two. Are you the SUN GODDESS, SEA QUEEN, or EARTH EMPRESS variety? Where, when + why do you feel undeniably almighty?

May the best ENTRESS win!!




daydream or twoHave I gone lost my MRS marbles...? Well, probably.