The Most CHARMING Holiday Cookie Party EVER!

I’ve never been one to secretly LOVE baking - there’s so many ingredients and so many rules I’m always breaking! But if you add in some fabulous friends + a little bubbly too. You’ll be aghast at what you can do! A few of my Hawaii pals thought a cookie party was just the thing - not only to get us in the holiday spirt, but to get ahead on our piles of gifting! Knowing that our labor of love + laughter was to result in fabulous gifts - we knew that the packaging was just as important as the cookies in which they’ll sit. Lucky me, I was able to get my hands on some obsessive-worthy bowl sets - Vintage Charm™ Inspired by Pyrex® became the ideal vessels in which we knew would instantly impress! We all brought a recipe, alongside trimmings and gadgets galore - we blared the christmas music, popped some bubbly and set fourth. Aside from a little flour throwing be behaved like good MRS cookie elves + when it was all send and done, why I’d say we were mighty proud of ourselves! Together with the fun memories begotten, we had a bounty of gorgeous gifts that we knew would never be forgotten!

These new Vintage Charm™ bowl sets were reimagined by the original designs of Pyrex® from the 50’s + 60’s. With each design, comes three nesting bowls that are perfect for both prepping and serving your edible whimsies! Now… here comes the chart-topping FUN PART!!!

In HIGH celebration of this most magnificent new collection, I’m giving away a set of Vintage Charm bowls to become one LUCKY winner’s Objects of affection!

A winner will be chosen at random on December 11th, 2015. Their bowl set of choice will be sent to them directly from the Vintage Charm company. Good luck to all!

Photography by Annie Groves / Styling by N2 Designs / Shop Vintage Charm Pyrex

This is a sponsored post though all opinions expressed are my own. 

ALOHA KSNY, the recap!

Funnel Neck Puffer / Faux Fur Earmuffs / Striped Bow Swimsuit / Cheers Wine ToteDrink Me Wine Tote / Baseball Hat with Pom / Striped Tights / Bow Back Dress ->ON SALE! / Gold Dani Heels / All In Good Taste Book

Every good partnership deserves a grand finale! So when my Kate Spade reign came to a close, I was ready to rally! The grand re-opening of the Honolulu Flagship store was my final duty. What an honor it was to host this event, and even more so when you’re a certified KSNY groupie! As the doors swung open in perfect celebratory fashion - the fans flowed in with fabulous enthusiasm. Floating about the sea of shoppers - I took in all the whimsical head toppers! With products as glittery and playful as one’s imagination can fathom - nary a product was purchased without an elated reaction. Amidst sipping, smiling, signing, socializing and snapping - I made sure to take it all in by stepping back and savoring the soiree that was undoubtedly smashing! It’s not everyday that the KSNY fairy godmother magic wands you into their world - but, when she does the thrill and delight is enough to make a grown MRS whirl + twirl!

Holiday EYEssentials

SHOP THE EYEssentials


Anastasia Brow Whiz / Bobbi Brown Brow Brush / Givenchy Mister Brow Pencil 

Anastasia Brow Pomade


Bobbi Brown Greystone Eye Palette / Surratt Relevée Lash Curler / Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Felt-tip Eyeliner Pen / Givenchy Beauty Phenomen'eyes Mascara / Serge Lutens Beauté Mascara

The festive holiday season calls for festive holiday EYES. You know, the kind that dazzle, bewitch + surprise! Let's start with the BROWS; after all they are the exclamation point to our eyes!!! I've been playing CLOSE attention to this furry feminine facial feature. What I've learned is that they are not to sparse or meager! A big and bold brow will grant you full fledged admission into Glam Town! So sprint to Sephora or your fave beauty counter and BROW DOWN!

Now onto the eyes... often referred to as the windows to the soul. 'Tis the season for trimming them in the most kittenish of kohl. As mother always said, it's better to be classy than trashy. So, stick with simple with just dash of drama + a pinch of flashy. Curled, lined and precisely coated. Delicately dusted with sparkle, just enough to be noticed. Keep 'em clean, dazzling and bright - and a smidgen sultry to sparkle in the night! 

A Printable Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipe

Every special holiday calls for a special cocktail - one in which you dote upon, post on Pinterest and mass email! This Thanksgiving, the Lilien clan will be sipping this wild turkey libation - a cocktail, that in summation - is annually coveted and gossiped about with adoration! Thanks to the bourbon, it's warm and cozy - and with the addition of the citrus, quite appealing to the nosey! Tossing in the egg white gives it that special holiday froth - which gives the added spark to this holiday broth! This cocktail cannot come more highly recommended - not only is it a winner, but the name is hands-down splendid!

Download the Wild Turkey Cocktail here.

A Tropical Thanksgiving

Our first Thanksgiving away from our extended Lilien family will be a bit different this year. While long standing traditions are comfortable, mixing things up can bring an extra dose of lighthearted cheer. While we'll be guests instead of hosts for the first time in a decade; I thought the idea of a Tropical Thanksgiving would be what I would have made! Everyone in Aloha attire, and mu'u mu'u's for the ladies; POG flowing freely + bottomless Mai Tais to bring on the holiday 'crazies'! A glistening Pineapple Glazed Turkey alongside Tropical stuffing - is something I'm pretty sure we'd all be loving! Thanksgiving in Hawaii will bring about new traditions with a twist - merriment will be had I have no doubt, but there'll be a sore spot for those that we miss. (Uncle Matt, Auntie Laura, Uncle Chris, Brian, Hannah... we must FaceTime!)

A 'Thankful For' Speech Cheat Sheet

It happens eeeeeeeeevery year without fail - the annual Thanksgiving 'Thankful For' speeches that become competitive and filled with uncomfortable detail. It usually kicks off with the chipper trophy hostess - her delivery, clearly rehearsed, ends when she proudly announces she made 2 dinners, one for the table and another for the homeless. The speeches continue in a colorful fashion - ranging from emotionally charged to a booze-induced song and dance to the national anthem. There's everything from bold-faced lies to pure self-shaming - long, agonizing rants and someone dropping to a knee + engaging. It usually takes an hour to get it wrapped up. By then the food is cold and you're drinking from the bottle because you accidentally shattered your crystal cup.

So I've gone ahead + put together this handy little CHEAT SHEET. A fill in the bubble prompter that'll keep it REAL, but also short and sweet! Let it be your contribution to the Thanksgiving table - a little game that will bring cheer and delight, and an insurance plan that'll save everyone from looking unstable! 

It's a win win situation! A must have for your upcoming Thanksgiving celebration!

Print them off and provide mini pencils, you'll be the hit of the day, you savvy little devil!

Click HERE to print them out

I know.

You're welcome.



Your Thanksgiving Table

Once upon a Holiday, there lived TWO great tables...each one set particularly for those whom we are most grateful. Often times we set a table based on whom it is we are housing - be it friends, family or foe you're guaranteed a pretty crowded home outing. Cut yourself some slack, let me lift off some weight, for in MY MRS WORLD ambiance is just as important as the dinner on my plate. So go on, get clicking!!! What's a T-day table guide without the most fabulous of pickings?!



The Classic Table

Thankful Plate x Crate + Barrel / 15 oz. Metallic Highballs x Houzz / 'Darling' Napkin Ring x WOM / Turkey Board x Crate + Barrel / Silver Bottle Opener x WOM / 

The Quirky Table

Party Picks x Amazon / Pineapple Table Piece x Katie Kime / Paley Placemat x Katie Kime / 'Done Like Dinner' Plates (set of 4) x BRIKA / Cocktail Napkins x WOM / (similar: Manners Napkins x Houzz) / Das Horn Drinking Vessel x Brit + Co

But First... PARIS


I haven't the words, nor the answers. It seems impossible to cope with these devastating matters. In the face of tragedy + mourning, there's only one thing I can do. Besides lending my positive thoughts + heart felt support, I'm sending buckets of love to you! 



MRS Lilien Does KSNY

I just LIVE for good party + ESPECIALLY when I get to play hostess! Kate Spade New York’s latest bible: ALL IN GOOD TASTE was the subject of my feted hocus pocus. Housed in their glittering gem, their 4-story Madison Avenue flagship store - elements pulled from the book were splayed from floor to floor for ALL to adore! Happy guests sashayed through the doors intent on getting their hands on the latest volume. I held court on the main floor, sipping bubbles and chirping with amongst the fanfare like a bobbling MRS balloon! The fun I had gushing with guests about ALL things ALL IN GOOD TASTE - was a delight in and unto itself, and a topic I could discuss for days upon days! Fear NOT should you have missed the soirée… You can read all about my pre-party prep in a 4-page spread. 

The anatomy of a hostessing uniform typically gets over thought; making for a stress-laden hostess that’s frazzled and distraught. A worthy hostessing ensemble should be flexible enough for the highest of occasions as well as casual-chic situations. A hostess’s uniform must always be simple but statement-making. Allowing for piles of accessories that’ll make her look positively breathtaking! Going all black, doesn’t mean going all BORING. Contrarily, black can be BOLD, bowed, striped, mixed n’ matched, leaving onlooker’s jaws stuck to the flooring! 

Kate Spade Bow Back Dress / Kate Spade Sheer + Opaque Stripe Tights / Kate Spade Dani Heels

MRS Spirit Cleanser

I KNOW I'm not the only one that has to enforce the occasional adult "time-out". There inevitably comes a time when the clouds cover our light, and all there's to do is kick, scream + shout. I personally know the forbidding path to the dark side by heart. Thus out of darkness I've found alternative ways with which to cleanse, heal + recharge. Once you've been initiated into the hard core gang of gloom + despair for the zillionth time - you'll look to the stars, the moon, the air to cleanse your mind, heart, and head of the suffocating grime. You'll trade your pinky, to regain your light that shines sublime. 

It's best to incorporate a daily practice of personal YOU time to maintain your happy shine. A 15-minute morning meditation, a sacred (to you) clearing of the mind. Set up a mini shrine, equipped with healing crystals, white sage, a sacred plant, a spirit animal, meditation pillow, worry beads, and cleansing elixirs. I'm a HUGE fan of Sakara's Night Water, and of course intoxicating liquors. (remember this instagram picture way back when?) What ever you fancy, there's no wrong or right. This is all about exorcizing those demons with all your might. Breathe, meditate, pause + clear with the highest of intention. You'll be shocked at how simple it is to go from darkness, to the happy dimension. Check in with your spiritual advisor, shaman, therapist, trusted clairvoyant, high priestess... or whomever on a regular basis. Keeping at least one person on your team will help maintain your spirit cleansing cadence.

I'm an early riser + I so look forward to sneaking off to my mini meditation alter amidst the morning dusk. I perch upon my meditation pillow flanked by protective tiki gods, healing crystals + burning sage all in the pursuit of turning darkness into dust. Starting my day off with an ode to ME, clearing my head, with intention, and positivity has been the greatest f*cking gift. And, immediately I feel the most profound shift, one I wouldn't change not even for a hot minute! Try it out, and tell me what works for you. I love learning from others and exchanging wisdom. Anything for the betterment of self, anything for personal revivalism! 

Huzzah to the helpers, the healers and the light seekers! We're survivors, warriors of wisdom, and ambitious healers. We're awesome, a breed that kicks ass - and after all, not that common. 

I hope that if you're found yourself STUCK, this shakes you and ignites your divine inspiration. If anything, do yourself a favor and bestow yourself the honor of self-liberation. 

A respectful bow...



Sahara Night Water / Worry Beads / Tara Healing Incense / Meditation Pillow / Half Moon Planter

White Quartz Crystal / Camel Incense Holder / White Sage Smudge Stick