ALOHA.... again.


Funny.... I just realized I never officially said "ALOHA! I've landed safely." Not that I expected worry to arise, however it translates to a MRS who's checked out + lazy. Either way, I've / WE'VE (my Lilien unit) made contact + are getting our sea legs back. Transitioning from the other side of the international dateline - somehow utterly discombobulates your inner balance + offsets your baseline. Other than that, so far so good. We've settled in with friends for now as we seek out a new HULA HUT in more of a townie hood. The list of to-do's is so overwhelmingly huge. Especially with 3 little ones to tend to after yet another major uproot. This goes with any move a + it's been a while so I refuse to waste time + complain. After all, we are living in paradise + for that alone we are so fortunate it's insane.

As for me.... I'm keeping attendance. I have days where everything seems manageable, others where I can't put together a proper sentence. As a mother, I know that this will most likely be my circumstance; that is until I get my ducklings settled, secure + back to doing their happy dance. 

In my defense (not that it matters) my GUAM Lilien crew bestowed us all a homecoming gift: a scorching flu virus that spread like wildfire which set us all aimlessly adrift. SOOO.... now that we are back, on the mend, setting up temporary camp + running around like wild banshees - my hope is to TURN THIS MOTHER OUT + find my happy cadence on the intoxicating MRS trampoline!

Thank you all who continue to hang around. Stars in my eyes desperately hoping for a successful rebound. In my quieter moments you can ALWAYS find me in my Pinterest corner wildly hoarding away, and also on Instagram if I'm feeling worthy of public display.  

Hang in there with me, I have my magic right here - I'm ready to bring the goods I'm known for, the heavily scoured, the next-level UNREAL. Phoenix rising, I'm loading my caboose with goods worthy of dropped jaws - the same deliverance dripping with secret MRS sauce.

I thank all from the bottom of my MRS heart for your loyalty during my darkest hour. It's your notes, comments, messages + emails that keep me juiced up and empowered. Your words feed my spirit. And, like the saying goes "it takes a village." 

All of you are in my heart / all of you remain my divine inspiration to rise to my MRS occasion.

EXPENSIVE lipstick MRS kisses....





The time has come for me to head back to my other island. I'm sailing across the pacific, back over the international dateline, and I'm very excited. While this time I've had in the South Pacific will always have a soft spot in my MRS heart, I know quite well there are new adventures calling that I cannot wait to start! To the kindest, most genuine-hearted GUAM FAMILY that we've been cared after, my heart truly aches to say goodbye. BUT, being the MRS that I am, that's not in my vocabulary... so I'll see you all SOON on my Island nearby.

So off to the land of Aloha I will float, wish me safe travels upon my MRS SWAN BOAT!




Dive into the ZZZ...

DIVE INTO the zzz-01.jpg

Whilst on the theme of personal struggle + self-care, what better time to illuminate the indulgence of luxe bed linen + appropriate R&R wear. Trust me, everything seems darker + nastier when you're holding court in unsavory resting attire. Even worse, twined up in questionable bed linen resembling those oft associated with those spotted on grinder. I'm not a laze-about, never been a napper. I'm an early to bed, early riser. HOWEVER.... when the deep has it's tight grasp around my neck, I succumb to the reality that I must retreat to my bed. Sure there's a befitting cocktail of five, and other naughtiness to mask the pain. But, in the end the only cure for this aggressive form of attack is to retreat and sedate you rebellious insane. There's never been an occasion that I took such measures and arose darker. Even if it's a self-induced, knock-out nap it's just as healing as visit to the shrinking doctor. If you've never tried this method of self-care, I highly recommend! There's just something about sound mind/body rest that will inevitably push you onto the next step of the mend. I've recently been relying heavily on the self-induced knock-out, and I'll tell you what.... even if I arise feeling as though I've entered another dimension I ALWAYS feel everything is fixable + as a whole I'm less crushed. 

My sacred retreat, my temple of sleep, is an entity that you'll NEVER find me going down with the cheap. Oh, nah-nah.... when it plays such an important role in your complete wellness, you go for what you WANT as opposed for settling for what you need. Sorry, I'm not sorry. My sleep temple treats me like a queen while I steep amidst the melancholy. There's no price to put on that, nor the PSYCH bills, the Whole Foods visits, the gym memberships.... and any other wellness activation! Because lets face it, if WE'RE not well, we bring everyone around us down into our personal hell and without hesitation. Don't argue, I know this to be true. So take my MRS advice and do what I do..... TAKE CARE OF YOU, boo!!

Here is an indulgent list of links to some of the most decadent and necessary resting accoutrements:

BEDDING > Parachute Bedding (ALL OF IT is AMAZING) / School House Electric Grey Dot Sheets / Arro Home Canopy Pillow Cases / Kip & Co Dreamcatcher Bedding / Zara Home Percale Bedding

RESTING ATTIRE> Lunya Hazel Pima Romper / Lunya The Robe / Sleepy Jones Maya Popover / Sleepy Jones Paloma Sleep Shorts / Sleepy Jones Opie Gathered Night Dress

*THIS WORKS / Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Hello & Welcome!

Well, Hello again-01.jpg

Umm... hi.

I know... it's been a pretty long time. But, in my defense good design doesn't happen over night. A rebrand + website over haul is quite the undertaking. Especially when the client is YOURSELF the entire project becomes overwhelmingly nauseating. Regardless of the long and toilsome odyssey, I'm em-eff-ing PROUD of this renovation... and ya I'm saying it pompously! 

There are all sorts of new bells and whistles to discover. My hope is that when you find them all you're capacity for delight + excitement blow out and rupture!

I'm not going to blab on and on, because that's just straight annoying. Pour a cocktail, click away... I hope your experience is nothing short of perfectly enjoying!



PS- I sincerely want to thank each and every one of you for your support + patience. Please know that your encouragements were heard + felt, and kept me sane during the renovations.

Mrs. Shape Shifter

Saint Laurent Striped Cotton-Jersey Top + Fendi Embellished Leather Sandals + Geranium Studs + Kate Spade New York - Flag Stripes Oblong Scarf + Factory long-sleeve striped boatneck T-shirt + Swell Caroline Maui Tortoise Shell Bangles

Say hello to dear Mrs. Shape Shifter: she who dares to walk the lines of all things finely figured, colorful + splashy - always ultra confident in her ensemble pickings, which are ultimately + satisfyingly flashy. She brings together families of stripes, triangles + circles - unafraid of running into even the slightest of style hurdles. But most of all she advises ye readers: "Put your 'closet doubt' to bed!! Take the aforementioned style-vice to plunge your confidence way up overhead!"

Next time you roll/swing/lift those closet doors, dig into your inner Mrs. Shape Shifter + dare to explore!!!


Awkward Pause...

So there you have it.... this is where I've been. Behind the scene, making MRS magic + whilst drinking my weight in GIN! So I beg you not to fret, or coax another worry wrinkle! For when the newly transformed MRS rises like a phoenix, she'll do so with an extra special twinkle. Sit tight, yet stay vigilant. For once we relaunch, this baby's gonna be down right MAGNIFICENT!



Tropicals for Teenies

Toobydoo Surf Fins T-Shirt / J.Crew Oxford Swim Trunk / Roxy Sunset Once-Piece / SunnyLife Kids Beach Seat / SunnyLife Ice Cream Fan / SunBum Invisible Zinc / Ray-Ban Wayfarer Kids / Birkenstock Sandal Navy / Birkenstock Sandal Yellow / Mara Hoffman Girl's Cover-Up / SunnyLife Lennox Round Towel

Since the move(s) from CA --> HI --> GUAM, I've taken on the title of an all-encompassing island stylist who doubles as "mom".  Beyond building a trove of tropical year-round items for myself - it's been my pleasurable duty to get a warm-weather wardrobe on all 3 kids' shelves! I dig and I dig and I dig 'til I find what's just right - often resulting in pieces that are fun, boisterous + purposefully bright! For my boys I keep it simple but my girl is just like mom which, when shopping around, is kinda majorly BOMB (dot) COM!

Above is a smattering that only slightly delves in to the preferred picks therein. So if I may advise, take a look below. I'll include a (more) major breakdown of the items you simply MUST know >


MRS. Coastal Living

Reversible Printed Cutout Bikini • Mara Hoffman / SunnyLife Inflatable Flamingo Float / Sensi Studio Lady Majorca Crocheted Hat / Rodin Lip Balm • Rodin / Yellow Sandals • FLEEPS / Meleana Aloha Tote

On the stands TODAY is Coastal Living's March issue + as a ceaseless resident of le coastal domain - i've made it to the coveted pages of the highly acclaimed! The fabby CL crew knocked on my little door for some playful selections boasting the highest, brightest + grandest rapport. From pool to purse to closet I pulled my precious picks - the things that make me explode with joy and clap, jump + kick! So if you happen to grab a copy off the racks, send me a tweet / leave a comment / wave your flag. It makes my mind shake at the thought of all of you flipping to page 7 and seeing little old me!!! 



Caftans + BonBons

Les Bonbon Earrings by : Rebecca De Ravenel

Gold / Raspberry / Coconut / Mint / Blueberry / Black Currant / Turquoise

Caftan Collection : Naeem Khan, Lime Starburst Caftan / Naeem Khan, Multicolor Embroidered Caftan / Prabal Gurung Embroidered Lemon Caftan / Emilio Pucci Printed hammered silk CaftanOscar De La Renta Embellished Deep Blue Caftan / Zeus + Dione Ammos Silk Chiffon Caftan / Talitha Fatima Printed Caftan

It is with the highest level of passion that I rattle on about the above niche style fashion. When it comes to statement adornments, remarkable robing and all things MAJORLY MRS; I make it my devoted duty to honor these esteemed and vivacious visions. Not for the faint of heart, but wildly wondrous nonetheless, I find these delicate yet HUGE Les Bonbon earrings worthy of a duchess but also befitting for daily dress! Upon discovery, I nearly fainted! My pupils became alarmingly dilated! When this somewhat rare reaction happens, I feel as though someone snuck into my brain and created the most spectacular thing I could ever imagine!

Now, the official uniform of MRS Lilien: The Caftan; a topic in which I could yap about to no end. This classic and elevated vestment works the very same way as an antidepressant. Donning such HIGH, billowing costumery - brings about an ethereal gayety! Thus, the predicament of not ever wanting to disrobe prevails. Leaving you sullen, and with windless sails. So I say, here here to wearing the same dam thing every single day! If it makes you feel like the Goddess of Glamtown, then I say 'oh what the hay!'